September is Literate - Third Place

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Third Place - Father of the Damned by MystresMyna

(Inspired by Dracula by Bram Stoker)


Heaven has turned her back to me;

while the damned of hell,

call me....Father.

Oh ravenous hunger!

I am your slave for eternity;

Can you never be satisfied?

Crimson ichor, wet my lips!

For in your burgundy river, I find...

Life that was once mine.

Life, that can never be,


I taste the sweet, sweet fear.

It makes love to my black soul...

Ecstasy incarnate!

Come my child,

Feed me your lifeblood;

let me sup upon your vitae.

Close your eyes and listen;

Listen to the sound of....


Your heart works against your will;

It feeds me faster...



Oh crimson ichor...

Yield to me your essence;

fill me as the dog fills the tick.

Awe, the last drop...drunk.

It is over now child...

Sleep well...

For when you wake,

you shall call me Master!

You shall call me...



This poem has some truly chilling imagery, and creative word choices without feeling forced.

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