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As you opened you eyes, you felt your body sink into the matress. Your body was covered with covers and all you could hear was echoing of the raindrops.

It was raining.

Your eyes opened and you were in the same old house, with the same old pastel walls and the same old books.

"It was all a dream"

You said to yourself, no matter how much you wished for it to be true it cant.

"Hey Y/N wake up"

Because it already was.

You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and pull you closer, a kiss was placed on your neck.

"Im back"

And with these words tears started falling down your face, he was back after months apart.

Jimin was back, he finally came back.

You immediately turned around and sunk into his chest, tears flowing down your face but not for long as Jimin used his soft fingertips to pull up your chin.
He moved in before kissing you pasionetly on the lips. Your tears stoped as your fingers locked togeather like two missing puzzle pieces.

"W...why so long" you pulled away and curled up into his chest.

"Im sorry, we had to fufill our contract" Jimin said as he pulled you closer, after 4 whole years you finally met again.

And no that wasnt a dream but a flash back of how everything started and how you, Y/N L/N became Jimins flower.

~~who wants F/N story also??? Or should this be the end?
You deside!

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