Week 8

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She has been enjoying just being a horse lately and having sessions mixed in. She is currently going through a growth spurt again so I'll have to measure her again but she is looking close to how tall Pepper is for sure in her butt and her withers are catching up.

Flicka also contuines to be spending her nights outside of the paddock in the pasture instead of being able to come in with Sunner and Pepper to the shed for hay. She is very dominant over the hay and is still rather rude about letting the other two have some. Pepper is night blind and I do not want her to accidentally hurt him because of this. So far until she can be nicer about hay it is staying this way.

Decided to rain for the majority of the week so all the horses and I were busy trying to stay dry. Their pasture turned into a mud wallow too. I have been picking out twelve hooves everyday sometimes multiple times but even then I will be breaking out my thrush buster treatment just in case. Always better to be on the side of caution with hoof problems.

I'm also currently waiting on a package that has some stuff for the barn and am already planning my next order of stuff. It's never ending. But hopefully it dries up so we can actually get back to work. Thinking about ponying her off Pepper sometime soon.

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