13; You're always ashamed of what you're willing to lose

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"William! Hey!" Austin says running up to William in the hallway, William quickly turning around, the sunlight hitting his hair, just in the right light.

William smiles at him and tilts his head. "What's up?" He asks, all the halls are empty now, William's waiting for Sisky to hurry up in his Drama Class, so he can drive home.

"Do you think I can take pictures of you?" Austin asks William, William laughs a little and smiles, "Such an honor Austin, but why?" William is curious, he and austin don't even talk that much in class.

"Well, it's for my photography class, and I'm supposed to get a girl, but I-"

"Just, come on I'll take them for you, let's go." William says smiling at Austin, Austin looks William up and down, "Do you think you could take your shirt off?" Austin asks sounding scared as anything, William nods, "My boyfriend won't care, and even if he does, it's my body, come on, let's go!" William says.


"What the actual fuck," Gabe says walking in the photography room, seeing his boyfriend with his shirt off, tight jeans on, looking into the camera with bedroom eyes, those same eyes that give him warmth, compassion, and the longing desire to stay.

Austin puts his camera down and looks at the two of them, "I'll go develop them," Austin says, he looks at William, "Thank you, I-I'll leave you two to talk." He goes into the red room and leaves the couple.

"Hm?" William says, putting both of his hands on the stool, spreading his legs out on oppostie sides, Gabe rolls his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Gabe asks, still leaning into the doorway.

"Well," William says smirking, "Austin needed help with his photography project, and Gabe, Honey, me and you both know that this is probably the only class young Austin can pass." William says in a way, that he knows his boyfriend absolutely loves.

"Angel, you didn't need to take your clothes off," Gabe says to him, William rolls his eyes, "It's just my shirt, god, it's not like I showed him my dick, or anything," William says crossing his arms.

Austin comes back, Gabe's eyes dart to him in pure anger. His knuckles turning white at the sight of the younger boy.

William starts to look at him,

he's looking at him with those protective eyes,

those don't fucking try it eyes,

those don't hurt the kid eyes.

Gabe smiles at the kid instead as Austin says something, Gabe isn't paying attention, William gets off the stool and takes the copies of the pictures that Austin gave him.


"You look like you're ready for him to fuck you," Gabe says to William, almost laughing at the boy. The two are sitting on Gabe's mattress, William is laying on Gabe's chest as the two look at the pictures together.

"I look at you like that." William says to Gabe, Gabe smiles, but William sits up in Gabe's bed. William sits up on his knees looking up at his sweet, gentle, hot as fuck boyfriend with those wide eyes.

William straddles Gabe's waist, Gabe quickly sits up putting his boyfriend on the mattress sheet ignoring his advances, "William." Gabe says breathlessly, William nods, "Hm?"

"You know I love you,"

"Mhm, I know you do, baby."

"Let's not do it now," Gabe says to William, William raises an eyebrow, "Is it because of me?" He asks, Gabe shakes his head. "Angel, you're perfect, okay? I want it to be special."

"Special?" William asks, Gabe nods.

"For us, okay? I just want the both of us to remember our first time." Gabe says William laughs at him, "I'm not a virgin, Gabriel."

"I mean our first time." Gabe says, William nods for a while, "I like that, it's just- yeah, no, I like that idea"

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