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Dinah's POV

         I've been really stressed because we start tour tomorrow. I'm at the airport right now getting ready to fly to LA. Today was my last day with my family. I already miss them so much they're the most important things in my life and I can't see them for another 4 months. I start to cry and didn't really know why but I did.Then I hear that my flight is called so I walk on the flight and find my seat. Lucky it's in the back of the plane so I won't get noticed by anyone. It's not that I don't like meeting fans it's just that right now I want to be alone. I'm really tired so I decided to go to sleep.
2 hours later
       I wake up and a lady says we're here I nodded and get up I out my seat and get my baggage. Once I get out of the plane I see all three of the girls and they run up to me and shout Dinah. I try to look happy but I can't I really miss my family. Ally says "come one Dinah we have be at the tour bus today "  Ally and mani start walking to the car but Lauren stop me and asked "what's wrong Nugget " " nothing " I say . I didn't know that it was that obvious that  something was wrong.Then out of nowhere I start crying. This the second time today what's wrong with me. Lauren starts hugging me. I feel safe in her arms I don't why . I feels just like my mom's hugs . We unreleased from the hug and she wipes my tears and says " tell me what's actually going on" I look at her and say " I really miss my family and I just want to be with them but I know I have a job to do so it's okay "  I say as we walk to the car. Lauren didn't say anything at all. All she did is when we got in the car she cuddled me and and hums me a lullaby and I slowly drifted off.I like the way Lauren treats me it makes me feel like I'm baby but I think that's bad.
Lauren's POV
       I really want to help Dinah because I know how stressful tour gets . So I want to introduce Dinah to ageplay because I think she is gonna need it. I feel like it would be really easy for Dinah to get used to it because she already acts like baby. Like right now Dinah is sleeping in my arms. She must have been really tired because she fell asleep really quick plus she had been crying a lot. So I decided to ask mani and Ally if they would be comfortable if I introduced Dinah to ageplay . Mani said " I think Dinah needs it did you not see how stressed she looked " "Oh good, I thought I was the only one who noticed that. But will you guys be okay with it " Then Ally said " Of  course we would we don't judge. Just remember to take it slow we don't want to stress her out anymore then she already is." "Okay I won't stress her out I'll just slowly ease her into it when we get on the tour bus. But first can we stop off at the store "  " sure"
Ally says pulling up to the store.

You guys are going have to wait until the next update to find out tell me if you like it. Okay love you guys ❤️

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