I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chp 14

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Chapter 14


I heard crying in the middle of the night and awoke. Angel still lay peaceful in slumber. I had been given what I wanted by selling the freedom of another. I should feel terrible but I was able to block out such useless emotions. I rose out of bed and trudged out of the room. I walked down the hall, following the sound of the noise. A chill went down my spine from musty air of the castle. I was only in boxers so of course I'd be freezing my ass off. I found the source of the crying and it came from Rayas' room. I cracked open the door.

"Sky, come on can you quit the crying? I'm trying to sleep." I shoved the curtains away and was horrified about what I saw. Skyler had been chained to the bed, whip marks covered all exposed skin. Bite marks in different places were still bleeding.

"Go away." She whispered, cowering away from me.

"God what did he do to you?" I asked.

"He whipped me for kissing Jace." She whispered. "He kept biting me, he wouldn't stop. It-it hurts...I thought....maybe he cared about me..." Tears slid down her cheeks. I tore the chains off her.

"Better?" I asked. She nodded slowly, rubbing her sore wrists. "I'll talk to him."

"What will that do? I can't even fend for myself anymore. I've become weak." She said. She looked that way, fragile even. Before she had a smart mouth, quick reflexes and a mind scientists would envy. My enemy was breaking down in front of me and I pitied her. I never had someone who could make me feel again, since Angel. I pressed a finger to her forehead. "Sleep." I murmured. Her eyes lazily drifted closed and fell back on the bed. I drained her pain away and watched her wounds heal. Rayas would find out when he returned I did something. One obvious fact was the chains were shattered. She couldn't do that with lone strength. I strolled back to my room, ready to go back to bed. My Angel that I thought was mine had changed.

"Your not Angel." I stated.

"I'm not." The brunette said. She lay naked on the bed, smiling.

"You fucking slut." I hissed. She laughed. It was high pitched like nails screeching on a chalkboard. "You're a changeling."

"Yeah, Rayas hired me and was right."

"Right about what?"

"You are hot." She said. I growled at her.

"Get out of here before I kill you." I said, lowly.

"You wouldn't do that to me." She said, pouting. "After all I am your angel, isn't that what you said when you-" Before I even knew what I was doing I snapped her neck. Her body caught fire, burning a brilliant blue. I watched the bed catch fire and walked out of the room. Quickly I walked back to the other room. That peace I had been unable to achieve for so long I finally got. Her body fit nicely against mine, her long blonde hair brushed across my skin, an internal comfort to me. Why? I had no idea. She looked like her but she was nothing like Angel.


"Tell me why I found your bedroom in flames." I heard voices coming from outside the bedroom door. I had paced the room all day trying to figure out what happened last night. All I could recall was the council meeting then nothing.

"No reason."

"What kind of shit is that? Where's Angel?"

"Dead, she's been that way for awhile. You lied to me."

"Hey but you got what you wanted right?"

"No and I killed that slut, guess your not getting your money back." There was silence. "I quit."

"You wish you could. You signed the contract in blood, you can't go back on your word."

"Hell yeah I can. Read the fine print, if I am dissatisfied with my reward the contract is void."

"Whatever, I don't need you anymore." The door was wrenched open.

"So princess, you ready for me?" He pushed back the curtains. He froze, shocked.

"What?" I asked.

"Your...what the hell is going on?"

"Rayas, what are you talking about?"

"Your not chained to the bed and the whip marks are gone."

"Whip marks!" I looked down at myself.

"What did you do!?"

"I didn't do anything!" I shrieked. "What are you so angry about!?!"

"I can smell him on you. Did you let him touch you?" He hissed.

"I'm not a slut! Who are you talking about?"

"Adrian, he was here."

"I don't remember anything after the meeting. It's all a blank." He smirked.

"Well darling, you'll just have to wait till later, I'll track him down all night if I have to." He disappeared.

"I'm so confused!" I groaned.

"Sorry that might be my doing." I heard a voice say.

"Adrian, what are you doing in here? Rayas just left to go after you, why'd he go the wrong way?"

"Did he ever tell you about what I can do?"

"Only that you had a certain quality to you and your weaker than him."

"Guess liars are liars to each other."

"So what did he promise you? You didn't sound so happy earlier."

"You heard that huh? He promised me Angel. He said he could get her back but I fell for it, come on, I'm getting you out of here."

"Why are you helping me?"

"I slept with you last night, that's why he's angry with you and I erased your memories accidentally when I healed you. You were crying last night because he punished you for kissing Jace and it woke me up. I got you into trouble so I'm going to get you out of it." He held his hand out to me.

"Where would I go? I can't go home, I can't go to Jace and I can't go back to the club I'd kill Isaac."

"I think I know a place." He smiled and it made me feel comforted. I cocked my head and took his hand. I didn't have anything to lose. Could I trust him? Trust is a two sided coin.

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