~ Relentless ~

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    Relentless is just a girl, she's broken from life. She doesn't know what to do, she has no hurt, no pain. Relentless is just tired, hopeless. She has no dreams, no wonders. She doesn't care anymore, no one is like her. So...different. What is she to do when she has no hopes and cannot bring herself to hurt so many people? Everyone knows it would crush so many hearts. She doesn't know that though. No one cares, loves, or knows her. She's just a stranger to all her "friends". How can she trust them? Most of them have already left her, they don't care. They don't listen. Her only love is paper, it listens. It doesn't have opinions, it doesn't care if she makes a mistake, if she fucks up. Paper doesn't care if she has nothing to say, it's there. It listens like no one else. Sometimes though, she needs someone not just a sheet of paper. Yet no one is there to listen. They just hear her speaking, those people don't listen to her. But Relentless is just a girl, with nowhere to go.

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