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Someone Like You

She wants someone to cut the ropes if she jumps.
Someone to hold her mind intact when her hands
Are too busy nursing her heart.
She wants someone to provoke the fire in her,
But not see danger, see gold dripping from her eyes.
Someone who does not need words to know a cry
From an exclamation.
She needs an anchor, when her body weight is uncontrollable.
Someone to keep her legs in the water but her head afloat, centered.
Someone to balance out her scale of sanity.
A person, a chamber of secrets, who knows to not give away the key.
She wants a being accepting of the cracks in her porcelain teacup,
A person in possession of sweet blossom tea to fill her emptiness.
She needs a friend, yes, foot steps beside her's to make
The walk a little less scary.
Most of all, she needs herself.
But she wants someone like you.
She would love someone like you.

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