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Why was I even here, I thought to myself.

Scratching the back of my neck as I recalled the strange event in the corridor, how could these men sit so calmly after behaving like beasts.

I sighed inwardly as my eyes travelled around the dreary room; honestly why were meeting rooms so drab? If it was up to me, I would have had a giant chocolate fountain in the middle of the table, so you could eat whilst talking. Perhaps a TV for those that are bored- like myself, sitting way at the back whilst the hot shots did their work.

Watch me in action, Darius's words echoing in my ears. I scoffed and bit down on my lip as the devil himself caught my action, his eyes flashing in confusion. Gosh what was he, Batman? Well clearly I could see he was just watching, writing notes and then talking. How entertaining.

"Mr. Fontaine we have had quite the influx of trainees this month, we wanted to know how you are going to change the policy about their training." Mr. Smith, the head of the board of directors spoke.

Darius cleared his throat. I grabbed the bottom of the chair; my fingers wrapping around the plastic, anticipating his next move.

He cleared his throat, "the trainees . . . many of which are quite young; still studying, I believe it would be best to start paying them, weekly that is." He licked his lips and looked between his brother and the board of directors.

"I disagree," my head snapped to Xavier, who looked on at Mr. Smith with bright eyes. "We may lose more money by handing it out every week, I say it should be monthly, after all with the economy going down over the years, it will only be a setback for us."

Mr. Smith pushed his glasses as he nodded his head at Xavier, he wasn't going to accept Xavier's idea already? "That is a valid point, Mr. Elray, do you have anything else to say Mr. Fontaine?"

Darius smiled, his dark eyes catching the surprise expression on his brother. "They are all quite young, some of which join whilst studying so they need to pay for their education fees, monthly expenses can go by quickly and money can be needed urgently."

"Since when did you become so soft?" I narrowed my eyes at Xavier, for once I could agree on what Darius was saying. It was almost as though he was talking about me, someone who was still paying for their university fees, though I had already graduated.

Darius raked a large hand through his tousled hair, "it's not about being soft, it's common sense." His hazel eyes twinkled through the dark room, "but as you have lived with a silver spoon in your mouth you probably haven't had the trouble of not knowing when your next meal would be."

I continued watching in awe, the two brothers were pretty much going at it at each other, the stifling conversation, though civilised.

Mr. Smith cleared his throat, my attention snapping to the grey haired man. "You both have valid points, the board of directors will have a discussion about this in the following week and give you an answer soon. As for our other needs, we still have issues in hand."

Issues, what problems do they have at work? I began chewing on the pen, the clipboard placed on my lap in case I was needed to write anything down.

Xavier chuckled, "oh yes the proposition. I heard you lost the documents."

I put a hand to my mouth, could they get him in trouble for that- it wasn't even his fault.

"Yes," Mr. Smith whispered to a woman next to him and then turned his attention back to Darius, who was sitting with both hands on the table, he looked so much in control even without saying a word. "Mr. Fontaine, it is unfortunate that the proposition for the new shopping centre has gone missing."

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