Chapter 4

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  "My Eve is infront of me Right now.It is you,Mahiru Shirota."

  Mahiru Stared at him for awhile, Mouth opening and closing,as if the words he wanted to say had died in his throat.

  Mahiru then finally said,"Why Me?I'm boring.You could go for a hot girl That would defitnitely Interest you.."

Mahiru sighed,and just realized he insulted himself again.

  Great job,Mahiru.

  Great job.

  "Hm?Well yeah,I could.But then again,All their scents are boring.Your scent is the Most tastiest and Sweetest of them all."

"Just stop trying to compare yourself with others already.I chose you.Just understand it.This is such a Pain.." Kuro groaned again.

  He could act like he didn't care,But he really is super happy right now.

For once,Fate didn't betray him for A super Important event,and he has to thank God for that.

  And at the Cliche Moment,the Wind blew Mahiru's hood away,showing Mahiru's true face.

"A-Are you serious?" Mahiru inquired once again.

"Ughh..This is such a Pain..Yes,I am serious..Just hurry up and Understand that I chose you already.." Kuro groaned again.

Man,This Mahiru is really Dense,but he has the taste,the smell,The looks to make up for it.

"Stop right there,Mahiru Shirota!" Gill shouted from Behind as he ran to Where Kuro and Mahiru was.

"S-Sloth..Or M-May I say..K-Kuro.. Has chosen y-you to be His E-eve.." Gill panted for breath as he tried to regain his composure.

"He already knows that." Kuro answered for him.

"G-Good.." Gill finally took in Air and answered.

'I-Is this a dream?' Mahiru wondered as he pinched himself.

"No.From What you are doing,Pinching yourself, you are thinking that This whole event is a Dream,but it isn't," Kuro walked over to Mahiru and grabbed his Wrist and pulled Mahiru to him.

"Mahiru Shirota will be my Eve.No exceptions.If you all Do not agree.."

Kuro showed a Possessive and deathly glare,"I will have to go against you all."

Everybody flinched at Kuro's sudden personality change.

  Maybe Its because an Alpha is usually Possessive of It's Omega Mate.

"Nii-San!Have you found your Mahiru Shirot-Oh you already found him," Hyde called out.All of the Servamps and Their Eves Came to Kuro's side.

"Licht!Misono!Mikuni!" Mahiru called out to his friends.

  "Oi Shirota.Why did you leave?You could have saved us the trouble of running here.." Misono grunted.

"I see that All of Our Eves know each other,and they seem to be good friends.Let's celebrate this moment by Stripping!" Lily suddenly started to slowly remove his shirt, which earned Shocked faces from all the eves.

  "Don't Strip!" Hyde smacked his Younger Brother's Head.

  "I get it,I get it," Lily Smiled as he put his clothes back on.

"Misono..Your Mate seems..A little bit crazy.." Mikuni trembled,as so as the other Eves as they backed up from the Servamps that seemed to have a group chat.

  "Don't tell me that The Others are as crazy.." Mahiru desperately asked.

  "I think I'm doomed.." Misono replied. "If That demon ever so lands a finger on me,I'll kick him away with my Angelic powers," Licht did his usual pose,and the others Sweatdropped.

  "He can't ever accept the fact that he's not an angel huh.." Mikuni whispered to the others, but Unfortunately, Licht heard that and kicked Him into Jeje.

  "What Did you say?!" Licht angrily stormed over to Mikuni,but was restrained by The Other Eves.

  "Licht!Stop it already!Okay We'll admit it!You are an Angel!I'll give you some Melons Later, Okay?!" Mahiru desperately Shouted.

  Almost instantly,Licht stopped struggling and said,"Melons? I'll accept your deal." 

Licht told Mahiru. Everybody just stared at how easily Licht could Be bribed.

  "That Hurt.." Mikuni whined as he scratched his butt and got up from the Fallen Jeje.

  "Servamps and Their chosen Eves.Please go to the limo now.We will be going back home." Gill ordered and everybody obeyed.

  At the Mansion

"So Licht-Chan~Tell me more about yourself~!" Hyde sang.

  Apparently,Lily wanted everybody to know more about everyone.

  And Almost instantly, All the Eves sat on one couch,all squeezed together so no Servamps could even get in and squeeze through between them.

  None of them even answered a Single question as they were all intimidated,only answering questions like 'What's your name' and 'If they are alright'.

"No," Was Licht's reply.

"Oh come on~ Tell me more about you,Angel-Babe~!"

This earned a Tick-Mark at Licht's temple.

Sure,he liked people calling him an Angel,but not ANGEL-BABE!

Mahiru and the other Eves could feel Deathly-Vibes coming from Licht,and scooted away from him.

But apparently,Hyde didn't get the message and took this chance to sit beside Licht,and placed an arm over Licht's shoulder.

"C'mon Angel-Babe!Tell me more about you~I'm gonna be your partner after all-"

"Partner or not,I'm not gonna tell anything to demons like you." Licht growled,Making Hyde back away.

"U-Um..Hyde-San..Licht doesn't really like people calling him 'Angel Babe'..But he does like people calling him 'Angel'.." Mahiru explained.

"So that's what this is about!Then I'll call you 'Angel Chan'!"

And this made the vibes even deadlier.

"Not that either.."Mikuni added.

"Now now..All of us just met,so Let's not get too angry,all right?" Lily proposed.

As they were doing this,A girl carrying strings in her mouth was spying them,and said:

  "Mahiru-San did not fufill the promise you made, Sakuya-San."

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