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It all started the first day of High school. 

I glanced he glanced, he smiled I giggled. 

My friend Annadelilah says that he is cute just he shouldn't be trusted by anyone especially me. It's okay because, Cameron is different from most guys. Even if I'm not the average teen girl he still enjoys my company. I can see the way he is so gentle around me or it could just be that he doesn't want to be his true self around me. Hopefully that is not the case.

So Homecoming is coming up and I have never been asked to one. Which is believable I'm not like all the girls at my school heck I'm the only different girl in my high school. I don't really like going to parties or drinking and smoking. I'd rather be at home reading and writing.

Sooner than later I'm brought out of my thoughts.

Cameron shows up just like usual then walks me to my third period history class which is the most fun I get out of my day. As we get to my class I turn to give him a hug but we both which I imagine bump heads 

Great I'm such an idiot

"Sorry Alice that was all my fault, (he laughs) let me fix your hair."

Sure yeah. It's okay but, it was my fault to I'm such a dork.

WHAT'S HE DOING IS HE LEANING IN FOR A KISS OMG SHOULD I TURN AWAY I'VE NEVER KISSED ANYONE BEFORE LET ALONE MY CRUSH! ANNND before I know it his lips are against mine and I'm kissing back this feels so nice this is what a kiss feels like.


[Alice! get in here the bell rang you can get your smooching after class.]

"Hey I- I-ah I-ah don't know what got into me but I felt so right to do  I'm sorry please don't avoid me from now on."

No,no,no it's  fine I actually liked it haha umm.. you did nothing wrong but I got to get in there before Mr. Swahtz calls the security on me.

"Yeah, I'm glad you liked it and okay well see you after class I'll be here as soon as you the bell rings, uh see you in a little.

--------------------------------------------- TWO WEEKS LATER---------------------------------------------------------

I haven't really talked or seen Cameron after that kiss, not even to come by and walk me to class anymore. I guess he just really wasn't felling me the way I was feeling him. It's okay though because, what is meant to be will be and what is not meant to be will not be.

As I pulled into my drive way I got a text from my friend Annadelilah

[Hey I know we've known each other for a while and we've had our ups and downs, but I would appreciate it if you would just come and tell me how you feel about me. I didn't  know I was such a problem for you, and don't think that I'm going to back you up for what happened two weeks ago I can't believe you did that! what's gotten into you Alice I thought we were "Best-friends" nice being friends with you I can't deal with this right now my mom is in the Hospital getting chemo therapy and you know that A-l-i-c-e

                                                         love, Annadelilah Woodbecck]                        ..received 2:30 pm

I don't know what to say so i don't respond I'm not going to argue on something so time wasteful. A real "Best-friend," would never do that they would come and ask for the truth or know the truth not just give up.

I feel like I got the other half of my heart ripped right away from me. This is going to such having to go to school and actually not have any friends anymore. How did I get so lucky huh? Cameron doesn't speak to me anymore and now Anna? I hope what ever  she was talking about is rolling over by the time I get back into school. I do not have time for these senseless people. I really could have graduated to this year but, I stayed for Anna to only have her end our friendship. Plus I really liked Cameron so that also made it a little better. Maybe I should just take the test and get out of here. I don't fit in already.

Hopefully my  mom is back from her business trip.

My Mom (Lizzette Sarabia) but most people just call her Ms. Don. I know you are probably wondering where the Don comes from well. When she was younger her father had wanted her to be a boy and to name her Don Omar. So my Grandpa would call her Don. Anyway back to the story. My mom is The CEO  and also the founder of her own company (R.O.S.E.) it stands for Raising Outstanding Scholars Everywhere. We help children who are gifted with knowledge and give them the proper resources in order to succeed. She had started the company in hopes to help assist me. I already have a couple degrees. During my breaks in school I would take college fast track classes. I love it really, the more I can learn the better well at least to me.

My Name is Alice Maria Fuentes. 

I am 15 years old

I'm a virgo born September 10th 1997.

I have been going to school since I was able to talk. I know 4 languages not including my primary language. I speak Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, and Japanese. I am currently working on French it's actually easy really a lot in common with Spanish. I also already have 4 degrees and one of them is a Doctorates in engineering, a Bachelors in Business Administration, a Bachelors in Psychology, and lastly a Masters in Political Science. I haven't really thought about any other degrees. I was gonna wait the full 4 years of high school then make a decision just as a normal teenager would do my age right. I don't tell people these things about me. I already get judged as it is being smart. Only person that knows of this is my mom and she's my best friend.

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