Chapter TwentyOne- Rebellion Is The First Step

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So if you didn't notice I had no dedication or picture in the last chapter (that real last chapter that is)! That was due to the lack of votes and comments, but it seems that it has been stepped up. Now, for the dedication of this chapter I would like to thank SlowMo12 for being the first to comment last chapter (the real last chapter :D) and for really bringing up my spirits with said comment :D


Chapter TwentyOne- Rebellion Is The First Step

June 23rd: Waxing Crescent

    I smirked at the collision that never came, staring up at my brother with the kind of defiance only someone could pull off in my state of mood. Now that I knew he definitely wanted me alive it was all about finding out the true reason. From the angered look now on his face I knew it was going to take some prying. There was no way he would budge so easily now that he knew I was up to something and so bluntly flaunted my hate for him. 

    Lockheart had a hand around the back of my head, the other placed firmly behind my back. I was still hovering just over the water, him not wavering in his hold. From the way I was positioned there was no possible way I could get out of the situation without actually falling. 

    We stayed in an eye lock for what seemed like forever, neither one of us ready to break the connection. It was as if after I'd gotten over my initial shock I became a different person. I was now someone who could stand her ground against the one person she feared most. It felt nice to be in control, powerful like I had never felt before. I craved the feeling.

    With one last smile I rolled onto my side and held my hands out to protect me from the ground. The water kept me from getting scraped up too bad, but I could feel the pain shooting up my arms from the impact of the fall. It was better than having my head smashed into concrete though. 

    "Get up," Lockheart demanded, grabbing my arm and yanking me out of the water. Though it hurt I was content on not showing my pain, that would just give him too much satisfaction. Upon his touch, however, another kind of pain hit my head. 

    Too late I realized that I was being dragged into another memory and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Lockheart would be able to take me where ever he wanted now and it made me sick. I hated feeling defenseless and that was about the only feeling I had when my vision blurred and I was somewhere else entirely, staring at Lockheart in a different time. 

    He looked nearly the same except for the fact that he was slightly younger. Already I could see the mature lines forming in his face and his eyes shining with mischief of the worst kind. Knowing what I knew about him now I was a bit afraid to be standing so close to him. 

    "What have you done Amanda?" he said in a deadly calm, his eyes trying not to look into mine. I could see his anger bubbling beneath his cool resolve and it frightened me more than anything. Upon further inspection I saw the tears in his clothes and as I looked down at my own, the dirt caked on my skin. I quickly realized that this was after Mrs. Grace killed our parents and in the event, tried to kill my brother's and I. 

    Blood stained the floor of the carpet we were standing on and I tried to keep from throwing up all over the floor, not that it would have mattered. Looking around me I noticed that something had obviously been dragged through the house and I knew without a doubt that it had been our parents. The sick feeling stuck in the back of my throat as I tried to come up with the words. Thankfully for me this was a memory so I didn't have to think of any words to explain what had happened and how I was involved. 

    "I just slipped up is all," I wimpered, cringing away from Lockheart as if he were going to hit me. For all I knew he probably would. 

    He ran his hands through his hair and pulled, making me wonder how much it hurt. "Do your realize what this means? Our parents are dead because of you! I hated them, yes, but I was waiting for the right time yet you've ruined it now. What the hell are we going to--"

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