Chapter 1

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This story contains adult language, mature scenes, domestic violence, non-consensual sex and triggering content. If you're uncomfortable with it then please do not read. 17+ and above are suitable for this story.

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I stared at the piece of paper sitting in front of me. Scribbled in black ink were simple words.

You look beautiful today -


I stared at it dumbfounded, unable to process it. Did he just write a note to me? Axel Trent thinks I'm beautiful? Wait, he knows I exists?

My mind was flooded with thousands of illusion. I was gaping at the words, my heart thumping faster than usual. It felt like my mind was playing a trick on me. How was it possible? He never even noticed me before. He was always caught up with his friends even though his best friend's sister was my best friend.

When I go over to Mia's house he never even acknowledges my presence, he was always into Jenna. So, why now suddenly write this note to me?

"Luna, pass it on to Jenna." Angela White, who was sitting besides nudged me to hand this note over to Jenna and like a wave all my illusions got shattered.

I momentarily cursed Jenna for having his attention all the time it was like she bewitched him in her trap of allure.

I sighed and passed the note onto Jenna Rivers. I glared at her, making it clear I didn't like her. She quickly took the note from my hand and read it, I didn't missed the blush that escaped her. She turned around and looked at him, still blushing.

I looked at Axel, he was smirking and his eyes shined with admiration. For her. Ew..... It made me gag.

I shook my head in dismay and was about to look away when our teacher caught me. "Miss West, I advice you to pay attention in my class instead of staring at Mr. Trent."

My cheeks turned red in embarrassment. Now, he knows I was staring at him. God!

I focused my attention on my laptop and began typing. I tightened my school tie and focused on what the teacher was discussing. Fortunately, the bell rang and I packed my bag.

We were in 11th grade, junior, and our study load was immense. My school Scottish Wilson was known for the best education in the whole country and I strived to be one of the most prominent entrepreneur.

"Wait up, Luna." I heard my best friend's voice as I was about to leave the class.

Mia Henry was weird in all sort of ways. She slightly heavy, chubby, had platinum blonde hair, compelling green eyes and was over enthusiastic. I loved her still.

"Hey, Alex Reid is throwing a crazy ass party on Saturday and she told me to invite everyone I know."


"I'm inviting you silly." I exhaled, slightly annoyed. She knows I don't do parties.

"I'll pass," I shrugged and begun to walk away.

"Axel will be there and Jenna is going away this weekend." I came to an abrupt stop at the new information.

My friend here knew about my 'liking' for Axel and often provided me with information about him.

"Oh," I said, my lips forming in a pout. "I'll see you on Saturday." I wink at her and go my next class.

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