Meet the Campers

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Third Person P.O.V.

A tallish chubby kid stepped out of the small group of children. He looked about 12 maybe 13 and had short red hair with green eyes. He kept an unpleasant expression as he held out his hand for (Y/N) to shake. (Y/N) was about to shake it when David quickly took notice and grabbed (Y/N) arm. "David what are you doing?" (Y/N) asked curiously as she saw a light blush on Davids face. "Sorry!" He squeaked out,"Its just Nurf has some 'problems'." (Y/N) looked slightly confused. "NURF PUT THE KNIFE DOWN!" (Y/N) was slightly startled by David raising his voice. (Y/N) looked at Nurf and saw him holding his knife close to a boy's chest he looked like a mini magician. 

"Uhh..does he do that normally?" (Y/N) asked quickly, wanting answers. "Oh! No def-","Yes," a small boy with tan skin,black hair, and green eyes stepped out of the crowd,"Wow still haven't noticed how shitty this camp is huh?" (Y/N) was startled by the child's choice of language,"Hey, language!" David said to the kid. "(Y/N), meet Max." He pointed at the boy,"Max, (Y/N)." David said gleefully. "Well, Hi" (Y/N) welcome to Camp Fucking Hell Hole." He said with a small smirk on his face.

(Y/N P.O.V.)

Woah whats that kids problem, I thought as I was roaming the camp grounds. I kept replaying the moment in my head, "welcome to Camp Fucking Hell Hole." Max said; "language" David seethed. Max had a surprised expression for a bit, but quickly adjusted back to a stone cold assertion. "Whatever" Max said in a sarcastic surrender. As I was deep into my thoughts, suddenly I tripped and fell on a rock. Face to ground I groaned in great pain.

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