Part 1: The Interview

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A/N: The only things you need to know are 1.) The P.O.V. changes every so often. & 2.) This is like a Fluff/Smut thing . Enjoy! 😌

Davids P.O.V.
"Woah" I muttered under my breath. Shes gorgeous I thought, well until she looked up at me and I shot my head down. I hope that didn't make her feel awkward, she's just so pretty I couldn't resist taking a glimpse. "Ughh, what do you want?" came a familiar voice, oh gwen.. A sweet silk-like voice came in response "I uh- came to get the job" said the woman confidently. I could tell Gwen's mood was arisen when the mysterious lady said that. "Oh great you must be Y/N! I can finally get some stress relieved" Gwen said happily. "Huh?" said Y/N, "Nothing! You've got the job!" Gwen said enthusiastically. "So when can you start?" Gwen asked. "Actually... right now sounds good" Y/N answered, "Oh my jesus yes .. That's great!" Gwen exclaimed as she pulled Y/N into a hard embrace. I watched as she grabbed some things from her car and thought this summer might be quite the romantic one for David.

When I saw the boyish-man blushing and he quickly threw his head down, I knew instantly he had a crush on me. I read his body language, the signs, the distant muttering. They we're all signs, I had been getting pretty good at reading those. I looked at him, stared a bit, he seemed very nice and extremely cute. I decided to go up to him and converse for a bit, it seemed like the best option. So it went a bit like this
I approached him, forcing him to look up from a small desk in front of him.

Hi there! Whats your name?
I- I'm David
David wasn't used to stuttering so it came as a great surprise.
Well, I'm Y/N
David had known this from eavesdropping, but he pretended not to.
Suddenly a loud screech came from the Mess Hall (I had known this because I had already taken a tour on the site.) David and I quickly barged in through the doors to find Gwen scolding the campers for misbehaving. I quickly placed myself next to Gwen with David next to me. "Guys, this is the new camp counselor, treat her with as much respect as you give us." Gwen said. "So no respect at all?" came a voice from the crowd of campers which was followed by small giggles. Gwen sighed and said, "I need a damn vacation" as she trudged out the doors and back into the small linked office.
"This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the campers to you!" David quickly bounced back to his own normal happy go lucky self (as i've been told). "Well, lets start with Nerf."

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