Leonis, 1:1, 2:14 - Roach Hotel - Illuminate, Fumigate.

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April 29th, 1953 8:05 PM

Reggie knew the humerus bone in his upper left arm was broken; he could feel it. Now, exactly how bad that break might have been along with any of the other parts of his anatomy screaming at him was another matter. He winced as he rolled over like a large helpless baby. "Oh boy, that's not good." One of the R.R.O.A.C.H.'s looked his way. Reggie could see its red eyes glaring it at him as if it were peering into his soul. The death machine lowered its shiny armored head and produced a terrifying digital scream.

With his pistol gone and his body wracked with pain, Reggie found himself immobilized and defenseless. He could only watch the frightening electronic creature fire up its sawblade teeth and charge toward him at an inhuman speed. He closed his eyes...


"Reggie!" Karen shouted as she watched two NNO agents unceremoniously toss the CIA agent over the railing of the platform. She stood and began to motion toward the railing separating her and the rest of the crowd from the observation field.

The guard in black moved to intercept her and swung a massive fist toward the woman's pretty face.


Karen ducked and caught him with an uppercut.

Rudolf was done as well. He erupted from his seat and plowed into the midsection of the thug's tree trunk like abdomen. The two men went tumbling over the railing and onto the grassy field. The back of the guard's head slammed to the ground first. Rudolf landed straddling the soldier's chest and proceeded to smash fist after fist into the man's face for good measure.

"Hey! Let me go you bastards!"

Rudolf heard Karen shout above the escalating cries of the now frightened crowd. After another bloody fist plant, he turned to find Karen detained by two more NNO thugs in black. Rudolf looked down and located the unconscious guard's pistol. He rolled from the body onto his knees, spinning with the weapon in hand. He expertly squeezed off two shots.

With an involuntary jerk of each guard's head, Karen found herself free once more. She looked toward Rudolf to give him an approving smile but was unable. "Rudy! Watch out!"

Rolling to the left, Rudolf missed the spinning blades of a R.R.O.A.C.H. as it blew past him. The machine continued forward, with its legs locked attempting to stop. The feet dug ruts into the pretty, green lawn.

Jumping to his feet, Rudolph knew better than to run toward Karen. "Hey, Prometheus, follow me!"

With its rear end swinging around like a scythe to line up with its head and ultimately its target, the R.R.O.A.C.H. screamed. The six legs began digging for traction and the beast lurched forward.

"Oh crap!" Rudolf turned and ran toward the observation platform as fast as he could with the mechanical bug gaining on him.


Karen grabbed a pistol from each of the dead soldiers and lifted them. Although she attempting to avoid any innocents, time was of the essence, so, Karen fired on anything in black. That was when she spotted the soldier with the laptop. A hand grabbed her on the shoulder. Karen rolled and fell back with both pistols ready to fire.

"Wait...wait!!!" It was the president and he appeared frightened. "Ma'am, can you please help me?"

Karen reached up and grabbed the man by his black tuxedo's lapels. She pulled him to ground next to her. "Get down, idiot! Can't you see you're the target?" That's why that Nazi asshat sat us next to you!"

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