"Why do you have these.." She let out a soft gasp followed my her hand reaching up to her chest. Her breathing was irregular and she felt her emotions highly intensified. The rhythm of her heart and the pulsating emotions in her mind made it a wreck,  not abling her ti think straight.

Conner looked at her with his thick eye lashes, his dark blue eyes filled with only one emotion, lust.

Lust for this woman standing in front of him, her cheeks flushed a light shade of red, her hazel eyes looking at him innocently begging for an answer, but still unable to hide that little desire she feels fir him. He wanted to laugh at the woman's condition by just merely seeing not even half of his imagination. The things he wanted to do to her body, ravish it in the most dangerous way that she soon would be able to feel his touch even with a wink of his eyes.

"What do you see?" He asked in a deep voice, which not only vibrated through his body, but also hers. She could literally feel the vibration making her weak on her knees.

She dared to look at the paintings again, she didn't get it, why was every painting about her? And why wasn't she wearing any clothes?

The rational side if her brained screamed at her to question the mans intentions, to run away from the psycho he is.

But the other part wanted to just take in the beauty that resided in those painting, she knew she wasn't that beautiful.  He had drawn every thing perfectly, every expression every tip every body part was up to perfection. For a moment she wasn't sure if it was her own portrait or some one else.

"Why do you have these?" She asked, still looking at a painting clearly wanting ti avoid his gaze.

"Why do you think I have these?"

She let out a frustrated sigh, why was he not answering her directly? "A question does not answer a question Conner"

He let out a small laugh, but nothing about it was humorous.  "Do you really want to know why?  Will you be able to handle the truth?"

She sucked in a deep breath, he was right. Was she sure she wanted an answer? Would she be able to accept it?

"Because this is what I want to do to you"

And in a flash he was in front of her petite form, caging her between his muscled arms and his minty hot breath fanning over her forehead. "I've been dreaming of this." His voice was thick with desire and emotions  searching my face for any kind of uncertainty. "Every night, every week, I've dreamed of you. It's you haunting my dreams with those doe eyes, that innocence of walking around not knowing what goes through the mind of every man that looks over to you. I've been waiting, I've been patient."

Reverence. That's what colours the timbre of his voice.

"Say it" He demands, not some simple  demand which she could refuse but it was authoratitve, challenging her ti refuse. But she had a question in her mind, say what? But her voice refused to come out of her mouth, her lips refused to part and her body refused to move.

As if in cue, he answered her question, "Say that you're mine Sophia. Say that you veling to me, that no other man will ever take you away  from me now. And god forbid," He gave her a devlish smirk, which she had never seen before, "If someone tires, hell will break loose. And I'm not just saying Sophia, I will kill him in the worse possible way"

She gasped at his statement,  her mind reminding her how bipolar he is. One moment he doesn't care, and the other he's going all huld on her. But would she say that to his face? Hell no.

She could feel his intense gaze at her, heat started to rise up to her already red cheeks. As if her body had a mind of its own, she tried to sidestep him, but he already knew she wasn't the one to give in easily so he wrapped the same arm around her waist that evil smirk not leaving his heavenly beautiful face. He slowly grabbed onto her sift hand, her eyes following his every move and in a flash pulled them behind her back. Then, securing both her wrists with one hand showing his confident in his own strength, he slowly leaned down and skimmed his lips over her jaw.

"Conner.." she whispered his name and at the same moment regretted it when she felt his body stiffen.

He had warned her not to use his name for some reason, she still didn't know what it does to him.

With his lips still against her jaw, he gave iut a small hum; his eyes closed.

"You just made things worse for yourself" He said breathlessly making Sophia go weak on her knees. She was terrified of what was to come. A gasp escaped her soft lips as his cold, rough hand travelled up her shirt running them over her bare skin. His smirk widened when he felt her shiver.

"Look at me" He said in a dark tone, and she had no  to refuse him. She looked up into his stormy blue eyes only to make her even more scared.

"Good girl" He cooed, as if talking to a child but the expressions on his face still looked evil. Hot, but evil. "Now you have two options. Either you say what I want to hear or we can stay here all night. And trust me when I say this, You're voice will be hoarse by the end of it and your legs wont be able to carry you anymore"

Her mind was quick enough to sort the positives and negatives.

Stay with him the whole night or tell him what he wants to hear and go back?  She need to make a decision quick, she had to. He won't let her go if she didn't agree with him.

"I'll say it. I'm yours, now release me."

With a satisfied smirk, he slowly let go of her and stepped back. "Very well Ms. Dixon. I'm glad to finally have you agreed with me on something that was inevitable. Also, I would love it if you kept this a secret." He said, referring to a room. "I don't want to share this beauty with someone else's eyes"

Without even replying, she sidestepped him and ran towards the door not even looking back as she slammed the door shut behind her.

What was this man doing to her?


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