Can You Create?

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Can you believe?

Can you feel?

Can you listen?

Can you create?

Or do you live in doubt?

Do you live life numb?

Do you just hear?

Do you destroy?


Have you seen

The clouds above?

Have you heard

The grieving doves?

Have you enjoyed?

                      Have you laughed?

                                     Have you wept?

                                                            Have you lived?

Have you sat,

For hours on end?

Watching the love?

Watching the life,

Each twist,

             Each turn,

                                 Each bend?

Are you in a box?

Is that how we’re made?

Your rules and restrictions

Become your cage.

Unlock it and see.

Unlock and be free.

Unlock and believe!




Revel in the sunlight!

Wonder in the moonlight!

Dance in the street light!

Dream in the starlight!

Will you breathe

                 In the heavens?

Will you drink

                    The atmosphere?

Will you lend

                    Your love,

To an angel

                    Down here?

Can you believe?

In fairies and sprites?

Whimsical things,

To charm and delight.

Can you feel?

Its whispery touch?

The strange world around you

Can tell you so much.

Can you listen?

To the melodies tale?

A child’s joyous laughter,

A soul’s hopeless wail.

And can you create?

Can you make what’s not there?

Bring to life our

Pretendings, so fragile, so fair.

Will you believe?



Will you feel?



Will you listen?



Will you create?

                      Do you create?


                                                                                               Can you create?

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