You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 1

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It was a year or two ago my heart was broken by the life sucking monster Ashton. He was literally a life sucking monster, he was a vampire!! Now he wasn't the glitter in the sun kinda or one that could have pictuers taken of him, but he could have the will power to stay next to his most favorite prey that was full of his favorite kind of blood. I, Carlynda, your typical teen girl with a family that knows nothing about her ex's species. Though a girl being perfectly fine with demons, werewolves, vampires and thier hunters is something rare...which apparently I am. Every day something supernatural happened to me while Ashton was either around or not. If he was there it was gone in three seconds at the longest, but if he wasn't well I ran like hell and put up the best fight I could. Ashton and I had been dating since I was 13-17 yeah it was weird to celebrate my 18th birthday without him there. So now I'm 19 but I look like I am still 17, which I am still wondering if maybe Ashton put a spell on me or something. I mean it is possible right?

Everyone I know keeps saying since Ashton and I broke up I havn't aged a bit. My mom wonders if I have had plastic surgery and Dad thinks I am taking some sort of special pill. Kendall, my brother, says weird stuff about that has nothing to do with my age. He says that I have this 'presence' that just magically changes with my mood. I don't think that he realizes that it is most likely girl moods which can change the mood for anyone in a second. Kendall is a strange 19 year old boy. Unlike my little sister Rae, she is only 8 and is in love with me! If I go to the trash can she MUST come with me. She is always wanting to come with me everywhere I go and she threatens all my guy friends that "If chu break her wittle hert I chwill punch chu!" Now I am not much of a kid person, but that is one kid I could live with! Most girls would complain that their parents hang out or say "I love you pookie" in public, but we love it, well I do. Anyhow, we are just a happy family, despite our comments to each other.

Today we are all going to the mall with my boyfriend, Shane.  No it is not hummiliating to take my boyfriend out with my family, in fact I like it because then he and my family can get to know each other. Now I am just planning on finding a quick way to dry my hair. It is really hard to dry my thick thick thick hair.  As I rub the towel against my hair in hope of drying my hair, Rea comes running up the stairs into my bathroom doorway and jumps up and down asking, "Can I brwad your hair!!??"

"Actually yeah you can Rea. Why do you like braiding my hair again?" I asked faking my curiosity.

"Because it has COLORS!!" she exclaimed jumping up and down while dancing.

"Oh, ok then." I sat down on the cold, wet floor while Rea ran behind me with just her towel on, like me and took two chunks of the front of my hair, braided it until they met in the middle of the back of my head and then join braided them from there down. What Rea means by my hair has colors is that my hair is black with purple, green, and blue at the scalp that fades as it goes down my hair. Of course Mom wasn't happy with it but she said it was alright since I was 19. Oh yeah, I still live in my parents house because 1.) I love my family 2.) I am fine with living with my family as long as they let me.

"All done!" Rea said. She clapped her hands and put them on her hips to dry them off. That clap hands thing has been my way of celebrating since I was able to move, Rea of course copies everything I do so I have to be careful what I wear and say. I get up and Kendall walks by and just eyes us oddly.

"Umm...what did I miss?" he said looking at our towel covered forms.

"I wanted to braid Carnda's hair and we both got out of the shower. Is that wrong?" said Rea looking at him as if he was stupid.

"No, no it is not wrong. I was just wondering why my beautiful sisters were on the floor. After all the floor is wet so you two could have slipped that is all." said Kendall winking at me while I tried not to laugh.

"Oh. Thank chu!" said Rea as she ran past Kendall to go get dressed.

"Now I am beautiful? Well that is knew." I said laughing.

"Well, I was gonna say sexy but little one was there." said Kendall shrugging, "oh, by the way, you look good in just a towel." he said then ran into his room which was across mine.

"FREAK!" I shout at him while laughing. Now don't get this wrong at all, Kendall is my brother by well chance. He was a street kid until he was 13 then Mom took him in and he has been with us since then. So yeah it is not incest at all!! Eww...

I look into the mirror one last time to see my pale, 'modle body'(Ken saying I have curves -_-) that was 5'7" with a normal pretty face but my favorite features wasn't my mid back length hair it was my forest green eyes. They look fake but they are really that green. I turn and walk into my room then to my closet to pull out my purple off one shoulder shirt that was splat painted with black and green and my favorite torn jean shorts that needed mini leggings. I look at my shoes and decided to wear my purple converse with black laces. If you can't tell my favorite color is purple.

I heard a knock at my door without thinking I told them to come in. I heard the door open and footsteps come up behind me but no voice. I felt an arm wrap around my stomach then a hand on my eyes.

"Kendall quit it. I need to finish getting ready." I said smirking.

"I am not Kendall." said a husky voice on the crook of my neck and shoulder thay sent chills down my back.

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