I'm giving up

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Everyone I'm thinking of giving up on this story. So far my life had been normal. I started with a lot of inspiration. But now I feel horrible. Not only have I not publish any of my stories since like 4 months. Now people are unfollowing me like I did something bad. I don't know what happen.

Look I'm sorry. I really am, but how can I keep going without any inspiration. First I thought "Oh maybe they just unfollow me by accident". But then about 5 to 7 people have unfollow me since my books started. I feel like I did something wrong. The last straw was today. My birthday.

I was really excited and happy the day before. Until I found out about Jin's (BTS member) dog had passed away. I felt like a murder because just 2 hours away from my birthday and someone close to Jin had died.

Then when I went to school nobody told me Happy Birthday. When I told my 4th period teacher she just shrugged it off. When I told my only "friend" she just said "ok, so". I was sad, but just smiled and asked her what was she doing to change the topic.

Today when I came home everyone was acting normal. So I just went to my room and did nothing. Then my mon called an said she had a cake. I was a little happy. When she came home she had brought chips and Ice-cream. When she called me to sing Happy birthday I saw the cake. It was horrible and my name wasn't even spelled correctly.

It had nuts and the chocolate was like it had been on the sun for hours. Then the chips I hated the most. And the Ice-cream everyone had already ate it. Nobody gave me a present. Last year almost the same had happen. Now this year too. I feel horrible and now I feel like giving up on my stories.

I feel weak and unwanted. Usually I put up a strong act, but today was supposed to be special. Please don't look up to an update soon. Maybe I will not ever write again or maybe I will. I'm really sorry everyone. My last chapter on this story will be published with no end. Just imagine it. I'm so so sorry. I will try to get inspiration back, but I will not force it. Again I'm sorry.

This thing will be put in every story. I don't know about Fairytailzervis. I think she will continue. I will not delete them. I am very thankful for all of your encouraging words and am very proud of my stories. Bye.

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