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'For fucks sake, Casey, I told you to go easy. Didn't I tell you to go easy?'

Davey had been pacing the floor for twenty minutes already, punctuating his rant by throwing things, kicking stuff and generally shouting so loud that my already-pounding head felt like it might split into two.

Not that I could blame him. He had warned me before we'd left the house, albeit in that very casual, nonchalant way of his.

Go easy, leave some for the rest of us, yeah babe?

In other words, go easy because he was worried there'd be none left for him, not necessarily because he was worried something might happen to me. But that was Davey's attitude towards everything. He wore casual like a coat. Practically had awards in it and everything.

Not that he was acting casually now. I'd ruined his night. His big night. That one night he could never get back because his stupid junkie of a girlfriend had taken too much, flipped out like a complete nutter on the dance floor and generally embarrassed him in front of the whole of Hackney.

I wanted to say that maybe he should give more of a shit that about that girlfriend instead of what his adoring crowd thought of him, but I kept my mouth shut. I'd caused way too much trouble already and what's more, I felt like Death and Death was barely keeping me upright on the bed, let alone allowing me to even think about stringing a sentence together.

'Do you even have any idea what tonight fucking cost me? Do you, Case?'

Addi, who'd been loitering close-by with that look on his face ever since I'd woken up, held out his hands, trying to calm his mate, who was still pacing and looking more agitated by the second, if that was even possible.

'Bro, seriously, it was a big fucking success just as we all knew it would be. You don't have to worry about nothin', man. That place was fucking banging. I ain't never seen a crowd like that, they were so pumped it was unreal.'

Davey glared at him. 'Yeah, and what will they remember, eh? Davey Kelley's girlfriend screaming like a bloody maniac and causing a fucking scene!'

Had I been screaming? I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember anything, just that one minute I'd been dancing, having the time of my bloody life and the next, I was back here, lying on the living room floor soaking wet from where I'd been put in the shower fully-clothed to cool me down and stinking of puke where I'd thrown up on the rug, after they'd tried to force Valium down my throat. Not to mention that fact I'd woken up to find I was surrounded by Davey's mates all sitting around, smoking and getting a good look at his girlfriend whose saturated clothes had gone practically see-through. Waking up in your own puke was bad enough, waking up to find every low-life from Davey's crew was getting a free-for-all glimpse of your undies was another thing entirely.

Addi rolled his eyes as Davey turned his back on him and stalked over to the dressing table, which was cluttered with all sorts of shit you wouldn't ever usually expect to find on a dressing table. He took a swig from a bottle of beer placed there, swishing it around his mouth for a second before swallowing, then quickly took another gulp.

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