Yandere Goths x Mortal Kombat reader x vamps

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling ahead....Hey guys so this story is a Yandere Goths x Mortal Kombat busty pretending to the shy x Yandere Vamps soz couldn't fit the whole title in but this is a request from YinYangYo2002 thanx for the request! On with the story!~

~Your POV~

I might seem like an ordinary shy girl that wouldn't hurt a fly but on the inside im a completely different person, behind the eyes of a shy girl there is a pro mortal kombat fighting game wise and reality wise and underneath her hoodies and sweaters are two boobies that every girl would be jealous of...

Anyway I was walking down the halls of schools holding my books close to my chest, in the corner of my eye I saw the Vamps staring at me, I stared back. The Vamps nodded at me and I gave a small wave and continued to walk down the halls to the classroom. 

I arrived at my classroom and took my seat in the back near the window, I started to get distracted until someone slammed there hands on my desk, "Look (y/n) we don't what you to associate with the Vamps, or something bad will happen *Cough* to them *Cough*"  I looked up to see Michael from the Goths, "What was that last bit?" I said raising my eyebrow, "Nothing Fucking Conformist, just remember what I said"He said walking away, "O-kay?" I said looking back out the window thinking about what Michael said....

"Hey (y/n)~" The leader of the Vamps said (I don't know his name soz) "Hey" I said awkwardly trying to stop myself from talking to him. "So why where you talking to Michael for?" He said, "Well.......I'm not suppose to be talking to you sorry" I said looking out the window. "Well (Y/n) your mine!! And that FINAL!! YOUR COMING WITH ME!" He said grabbing my arm and dragging me out the classroom.

When we got into the hallway, he started to tighten his grip, "LET GO!!" I yelled, "NO YOU ARE TO NEVER TALK OR LOOK AT THE 'GOTHS' AGAIN UNDERSTOOD!!" He yelled back, "THAT'S IT!!" I yelled doing a back flip so that he can let go. I throw off my sweater, "(Y/N) YOU ARE MINE!!" he said running towards me, I started to spin kicking him in the face, he looked at me and started to run towards me again and I jab him in the throat, I did a combo move making him fall over.

People started to surround us and whispering, "Look at her chest oh my god!" after hearing that I ran outside behind the school. "(Y/n) what's wrong?" Michael said, "Did, DID THE VAMPS HURT YOU!!!" Michael yelled standing up, "No don't" I said, "(Y/N) HE HURT YOU AND YOUR MINE!! AND ONLY MINE, HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU IM GOING TO KILL HIM!!" He yelled running into the school, I ran away him with the other Goths.

I heard chanting and yelled and ran towards it to find michael and the vamps fighting, when I saw the rest of the Goths join in, I started to cry seeing my friends fighting. I got past the crowd and in the middle of the fight. "STOP!!!!" I scream, everyone stops. "Look, I see you as friends nothing more, I'm sorry....." I said looking down, "No (y/n) we are sorry, we took it to far and we are ok just being friends" The vamps and the Goths said together.

"Really?" I said, They nodded, "Group jump!" I yelled walking towards them, "That is so conformist but ok" Michael and Pete said, we all hugged and let go. 'RING!!' the bell rang to go home, "Ok bye guys" I said picking up my sweater and walking out the doors. "THIS ISN'T OVER!!!!" The Vamps and The Goths yelled at each other.

~Hey guys soz if this story sux but I like it that it sort of ended in friendship and not a relationship~

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