" innocence; a painful bliss "

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"Savannah, honey wake up! It's time to get up for school!"

My mothers pleasant tone rang throughout the halls, attempting to get me out of bed on time. I rolled over, a loud groan leaving my lips, and unlocked my blue 5c iPhone to check the time. The bold, white letters read 6:30. I sighed and sat up, surrounded by my fluffy purple and pink comforter My fingers swept through my natural black hair as a long yawn passed my lips.

The loud thud of work boots and the clicking noise of heels passed my bedroom while I stepped onto the soft carpet. I automatically knew it was my mother and stepfather. My bare feet felt cold as I treaded down the hallway to the bathroom. The bathroom immediately fogged when I turned on the steaming hot shower water. After slipping out of the large sweatshirt I slept in and my under garments, I stepped into the shower, the soothing hot water hitting my smooth skin.

I washed for 20 minutes with a strawberry scented body wash. Once I stepped out of the shower and wrapped the plush white towel around myself, I stood in front of the large mirror and started brushing my teeth. When my breath felt and smelt minty, I washed my face and started on my makeup. After carefully applying my eyeliner and mascara, I sighed heavily, not knowing what to do with the wild mane I called my hair for the day. Not wanting to do too much, I simply brushed it out and left it puffy.

While walking back down the hall to my bedroom, I bumped into my stepfather, Jim. His dull green eyes looked angry and uneasily scanned my body. I cringed and tightly held my towel, hurrying past him to my bedroom. I locked the door and stood against it, closing my eyes to avoid letting the oncoming tears to fall. When I calmed myself down, I hurried and got dressed, not wanting to be in the house any longer. I straightened my black skater skirt before putting on my flower headband.

The smell of a hot breakfast filled my nose as I sauntered down the stairs and into the kitchen. I small smile spread across my face seeing my mother. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a neat bun, and she wore a white blouse and black pencil skirt. Hearing the sound of my boots against the black tile floors, she looked over and pleasantly smiled at me. I sat down at the island, and waited for her to hand me my plate of food. The smile on my face shifted into a frown when Jim entered the kitchen. He sat next to me and let out a grumble as he looked in my direction.

"Hurry up with that damn breakfast Melissa! I gotta go to work!" He growled.

"I-I'm hurrying Jim." She stuttered, hurrying to finish the eggs.

He sucked his teeth and opened the newspaper. My mothers hands shook as she slid him his plate. I glanced at the stove and realized that she had only made enough for Jim, since he had rushed her. She noticed that I didn't get any food and she hurried over to her purse and dug around for something. A few minutes later she came back with a granola bar.

"I hope that's enough to fill up a little baby." She rubbed the side of my arm. "Have a good first day of school." She said, kissing my cheek.

"Thanks mom," I said quietly.

Before I could leave the kitchen, Jim's rough hands tightly grabbed my arm. I winced some and my mother gasped. Jim glared evily at me, still holding a grip on my arm.

"Be home on time tonight, you need to be here to cook me dinner since your momma won't be here." He said lowly, releasing his grip.

"Y-Yes sir." I gulped.

I quickly made my way to the door and out of the house, quickly walking down the sidewalk to the bus stop. A few kids stops there waiting along with me. None acknowledge me though, and it doesn't bother me one bit. The large yellow bus pulled up minutes later. I stepped onto it, and went to my normal seat in the back. Not wanting to hear the loud and boisterous kids, I placed my earphones and my ear and turned on my music. Someone Else by Miley Cyrus began to play loudly and I quietly hummed along.

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