Chapter 17: The Isle Of Angels

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    ''Course you would think that,'' Skylar told him. ''Aquaman and Aqualad have already exposed Atlantis so why would your kind have anything to worry about.''

        ''There are many beings of the sea that have not been found, and I would like to keep it that way,'' Triton countered.

         ''Calm down, all of you,'' Thorn says. ''Humans still believe most of us are fantasy. Even if they see one of our people using their powers, they would think that their science nonsense is responsible.''

          The two heroes had to hold in their laughter. They knew that Kid Flash would have lost it if he had heard that.

         ''But what if they go too far,'' Orion said. ''They've already taken Lord White and Prince Daniel. They could do that to any of us, or our people.''

         Melinda and Skylar looked down in sadness. They saw how much they missed them.

         ''Everything will work out in the end,'' White said, the two above Melinda and Orion. ''Just have hope.''

          ''Who said that,'' Melinda asked.

          ''This is your conscious, we don't talk that much these days,''  White joked, Danny having to work really hard to keep in his laughter.

         ''Then why are you a male voice,'' Melinda wondered.

        ''To show off your masculine side,'' White says.

           ''Alright, then,'' Melinda accepted.

          Five seconds later.

          ''Wait a minute,'' she realized.

        The brothers burst into laughter. They became visible, scaring the daylights out of the mystic royals. Their three friends looked they they were seeing a ghost, and not in the case of Danny.

          ''Sorry, but we couldn't help it,'' Danny laughed.

         ''What the heck,'' Melinda swore.

         ''Hey, guys,'' White greeted. ''Miss us?''

          He was tackled by Skylar, as the pegasus was like a best friend to him. He stood over him, licking his face.

         ''Alright, alright, Skylar,'' White says. ''Missed you to.''

         When he was allowed up, the brothers were pulled into hugs by Orion and Melinda. The harpy and witch both had tears streaming down their faces.

       ''How did you escape,'' Orion asks. ''We've been worried sick for four years. We've feared that they killed you.''

          ''Believe me, they tried,'' White says.

          He showed them the scar across his chest.

          ''By the gods,'' Melinda swore, looking away. ''I can't even look. That's just heartless.''

           ''A group of teen heroes managed to save White after I managed to escape,'' Danny explained. ''Their second in command, Nightwing, also turned out to be our long lost brother.''

          ''This is almost too much at once,'' Skylar says.

          ''Imagine having to go through it first hand,'' White said. ''We were only even at the Far Frozen because those goons somehow got their hands on Blood Blossoms.''

         ''That makes things worse,'' Orion said, all of then gathering around the table. ''We've all been worried that the magical world could be fully exposed. After the Ghost Zone was discovered, then you two got taken, we've been on edge.''

          ''We've been thinking that we should pull all out people back to the isles,'' Thorn told them. ''They would be safest here.''

          ''But there is also that the Earth would fall into chaos,'' Melinda said. ''Nature would fall out of harmony. Nymphs and dryads wouldn't be around to protect nature. Mermaids and mermen would leave the sea without its guardians. Muses would leave the world uninspired. Fairies and angels wouldn't be able to protect the pure and innocent.''

         ''There is a lot that can go wrong, so that should be left as a last resort,'' White says.

         ''Until the mortals make a move on us, we should just keep our people protected,'' Danny suggested. ''They don't know about the Mystic Isles, and that is the biggest advantage we have. Me and White can work with the team to keep our worlds safe.''

         ''And if that doesn't work,'' Triton asks.

         ''We wipe the slate clean,'' White said. ''We take every bit of magic on Earth and wipe it clean. Not even the slightest bit of magic will be left. Let's just hope that humans don't try to wipe us out first.''

           The rulers than separated back to their own homes. Danny and White went to go back to the Ghost Zone, to Phantom's Keep. But as they flew over the Isle of Dragons, they got themselves an unexpected tag along. The two were always pretty popular among the magical creatures.

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