Keeping Accounts. Part 11

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" I need to eat." Was all I said as I shut down the programs before switching off the computers and turning to grab my cardigan and slipping it on before grabbing my bag which was beside my chair. Then I turned to look at the big man who was standing there watching me without saying anythign or even moving a muscle.

" Are you going to move or what?" I asked him with a sour tone of voice as I stood right in front of him wanting to get out of the door. I really was getting hungry now and he wasn't helping by standing in my way.

" You are just going to stop and get something to eat. Just like that?" He suddenly asked me with a frown on his face as he looked agian at me with those pretty eyes of his.

He must have known what I was thinking with the way I was staring at his eyes again and suddenly stepped back out of the way without saying another word or two, thank goodness. It wouldn't take much for me to just push pass him. But I didn't really want to come in contact with that hard wall of his that he called a chest like I did the very first time I met him and his grandmother.

Although it didn't escape my notice that any frowns or glares sent his way stop him from trying to repeat the action of that first time.

" Yes. I am. And I will be back here a lot sooner if you could back off out of the way so I can get to doing that and be back again." I snapped at him as I looked up at him through my thick rimmed glasses after pushing them back up onto her face with my birdy finger.

Then the damn man just turned sideways in the doorway again like he usually has been doing and gritting my teeth along with slitting my eyes in determination. I thought I would give him something else to think about as I stepped forward and turning sideways, slid right pass him deliberately brushing in slow motion my firm breasts across his harder and well toned masculine chest.

It gave me satisfaction when I saw his nostrils begin to flare along with him taking in a sudden breath. Seeing the blue of his eyes darken considerably, it also didn't take much to realise that his whole body stiffened instantly like steel.

Then with one last smirk, I brushed right pass him and continued to walk away from him and make my way across his large and spacious office to the smoked glass doored entrance and right on through the doorway and out along the corridor.

If I didn't know any better, I would think that he was standing there in his outer doorway and watching every step I was taking. That made me swing my hips just a little with each step and once I was in the lift and turned around, sure enough, there he was standing there watching me with a bit of a glint in his eye.

I don't think he will let me get away with doing that to him. I lifted my hand and gave him a small brief wave along with a smile as the doors slid shut taking me down to the ground floor of this office block he was renting a suite of room in until he got himself something more permanent.

Once on the ground floor, I stepped out into the warm sping air and made my way the two blocks to the large shopping centre across from the train station in Parramatta, one of the largest hubs in the suburbs of Sydney. It was east to get here and easy to get away fromhere as well.

Plus there was the added attraction of a lot of shopping thrown in before heading to the station to cath my trian back into the city and over to the northside where I'll get off and pick up my Forby to then head back to mum and dad's place where I am currently staying while I sort this mess out with this accounting.

It didn't matter who you were. If you have a business, you should be fully aware of all the accounting that goes on in the business. It's like owning a car. You have to know how it runs and to also do general maintenance to keep it running smoothly. But when you have a problem that is beyond your control, that's when you call in the professionals to help fix the problem.

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