Keeping Accounts. Part 11

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30th September 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

" Maths. I bloody hate maths. They are a pain in the arse at the best of times. At their worst, I bloodywell hate them." I screamed out in the little room I was using as an office while I was here sorting through their useless bloody account.

" I suppose we can all tell that you do." This gravelly annoyed voice said in irritation from the doorway which led into Rem's office. Not that I would call him that. At least, not to his face. He's an arse. A demanding pain in the arse is what he is.

After a quick glance back at him, I turned my attention back to the two computers set up in front of me that I was trying to make sense of with the accounting system inside it. Keeping accounts should be simple.

" Your accounting system is useless. It's old fashioned by at least twenty years and so out of date that it keeps rolling itself back into the same position back at the beginning. If I didn't know any better, I would think that it was deliberately tweeked to do it for some reason." I growled out at him ignoring the smirk on his face which I can feel is right there and aimed right at me.

It's not as if I didn't know that at times, he was also giving me the once over with those eyes of his. Something he has been doing ever since I started coming here.

" What I should do is take the old behemoths with me and strip them down and start from scratch. That's what I should be doing. How anyone can work around or even through these accounts is really beyond me." I growled again to myself as I ignored once again the laarge man who was standing in the doorway still watching me.

I have been here for two weeks trying to make sense of the whole thing. But I was not getting anywhere except sorting out wages and tax which is always the first thing I do with accounts. Once those are sorted and expalined to the owner or boss, I then turn my attention to housekeeping to balance out the books. Only this is becoming a right pain from what the previous accountant has done.

" You really should be able to get your previous accountant back on board to assist with sorting this bloody mess out." I said to Mr Charters with a sneer in the hopes that two things will happen.

One being that he would piss off and stop looking over my shoulder. Or down my dress since I have noticed he is fascinated with my boobs and always has been ever since we first met. The other being that the previous accountant would be able to show me what the hell program he was using to cause this mess in the first place. It's nothing like i have ever seen before.

" That would be a bit difficult. He's dead." Mr Charters said in a low voice from the doorway as he continued to stand there watching me.

Hearing that the reason for a new accountant was because of a death was sad and unsettling. Death is never nice to experience for any of us. Especially for those of us left behind. My nan still grieves for our poppa even after all these years after his passing which happened a few years before i moved up there to the property. So, I know how painful it is fr everyone.

" Sorry. That would explain why he isn't here to help sort the mess out. Which is a pity. I guess I will just have to work harder, then. Won't I?" I said to him with a small smile. Not that he returned one back at me. He just looks at me like he is checking me out and I was finding it very annoying at the most.

Then I watched as his eyebrow lifted after hearing my stomach give a loud rumble letting me know that I haven't eaten anything since early this morning and giving my watch a quick glance, I saw that it was actually after lunch time now and I needed to eat. Ollie does get some of her habits from me and when I have gone too lone without a feed, even I get a bit cranky on it.

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