Chapter Fifteen

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Ugggggggh hate me. I'm so sorry. I've deleted chapter 15 sooooo many times. I'm just not happy with it. So enjoy going through memories and pain and shit. <3


It was dark when you woke. A painful headache pounded against your skull in a quick, irregular motion. Waves of pain radiated up your spine and shoulders. Your hips were aching and your arms were too heavy to move.

(... Why is this suggestive? *Gags*)

There was the mind-shattering sound of a drop falling from one surface to another, splattering loudly so that it echoed throughout all the dungeon level. Motionless on the ground, you could've been taken as dead. In fact, the guard who watched over you occasionally thought the same thing; but only until you inhaled to deeply and let out a choked sob of tantalizing pain and drenched the floor in a bloody saliva coating. Any smart human would've thought you to be in a coma, stuck in a death stasis that would mark the end of your short time in the world, but Notch was a smart god. He knew you were alive, would always be. He also knew "James" would come for you. The hacker had come for each of them. But this time, he'd take the power out of you.

The god of creation swung a golden speckled robe with pure white fur trimmings over his shoulder, covering his brown commoners clothing. Glancing in the mirror at his own stately appearance, he nodded approvingly. He steeled his face to be sharp and commanding before softening it to the face he knew you to trust.
"(Y/N)..." He muttered to himself, "You will be my key to removing my brother forever."
Notch grinned darkly at himself and twirled around, making the edge of the robe hit the full-length mirror with a dull thud as he teleported down to your cell. The echo of the noise followed him to the new area, making you whimper in pain. Every part of you was ultra sensitive and you hated it. Acute hearing is the worst, you decided hastily. Dispite the terrible ghost of the noise, it also informed you Notch was there, meaning that the man in white hadn't come for you.

(Hahaha it sounds like you're waiting to die... Oh)

Notch gave a regretful look at your curled up form on the ground, covered in your own blood and sweat. It was a disgusting sight, one he was revolted by. Luckily, you'd be out of the way soon.

"(Y/N), I hope you're doing better than when I last saw you." What he meant by last was almost three days. You'd been like this for nearly 96 full hours. No rest, no food, no liquid. Amazingly, you hadn't died, hadn't been burdened by a need for any of those things.
And the better part? No way. Your condition had been steadily decreasing. Every muscle in your body ached to be moved while every bone pleaded to stay still as your head pounded and flickers of fiery pain shot up your spine and neck. It was a terrible, terrible feeling, and it made you want to tear your hair out. That soft, (H/C) hair that is probably now soaked with my own blood and tears. The tears from your bright (E/C) eyes that always light up a room.


Those weren't your thoughts. You'd never compliment yourself. That was vain, unneeded, stupid even. So who's were they? 

Me, James.

The name brought both a pang of hurt to your mind, eliciting a weak scream, and a ripping sound.

Notch had been silently observing you, watching the pain and the confusion and all the interesting emotions humans display. It would be a pity to put out the life of this being, he thought to himself. But it has to be done. He consoled his conscious with these words, knowing the product of your unfortunate demise would rid all of Minecrafia of it's menaces: Herobrine and his loyal follower, Entity 303. The thought made him smile, though in reality he was smiling darkly at your painfully twisted figure.

"I see," he said quietly. Surprisingly, his voice seemed to be the only thing that didn't feel like a dagger was being stabbed into your temples. "Well," he continued, as if he had received an answer from your incompetent body, "I've brought you a super healing potion, for lack of a better name. You'll be all better in an instant."

Your perked up, smiling mentally at the thought of having the pain gone. What happened to fucking painkillers? you wanted to ask, thinking you'd suffered through plenty those few days.

"It won't last forever," he admitted, "but long enough for us to get your tested."

You tried your best to display your confusion, but considering you were facing away from him and couldn't move without absolutely killing your back, it was a very difficult task. Notch, however, solved your problem by obliviously explaining.

"Tested for powers." He finished swiftly, as if he didn't necessarily want you to comprehend the words, which you could hardly do in your current state.

It was difficult to understand, obviously. You of all people, have supernatural abilities? Don't get yourself wrong, that would be awesome, but is it even possible? And if so, what would it be? Flight, like Superman? Perhaps laser vision? The thought suddenly occurred to you that you would've had to have seen a demonstration of that ability earlier in life, and your confidence and hope hit rock bottom. Yeah, no way. All those ridiculous superhero costumes and names floated out a metaphorical window, seeing as you were stuck in the cramped cell of a dungeon in the æther.
Nope. (Y/N) is nobody special.

"You've displayed intense understanding for incoherent mumblings of hostile creatures, not to mention a severe resistance to Frost Patches. In addition to the lack of mercy..." He cut himself off at your sudden slackness.

"L-lac-ck?" (<- thousandth word)

Notch looked down at you as if he was peering our from beneath the frames of glasses, which he obviously didn't have. "Yes, (Y/N). A lack."

You wanted to say more to him, say anything to him. Say something that would make him cry... Oh. That's why he said lack. He chuckled softly to himself and stood up.

"We'll begin with the testing tomorrow, when I get the potion done." With that final statement, he teleported out of the room, leaving you alone with your rampant thoughts.


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