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As expected an angry Liza storm in, "How much?" She asks angrily.

"What?" Cara raises her eyebrows.

"For you to leave Alexander alone, how much will it cost?" Liza starts, "A million, two..." Cara interrupts.

"Oh, please, I don't want your money." Cara rolls her eyes.

"Look here Carazan, I don't know how you managed to hook Alex down with a baby but it won't work. Alex and I fight a lot but we always get back together," She pauses, "Always," She says slowly.

"So spare yourself the embarrassment because Xander is mine."

Cara is more evolved than to be fighting with a woman for a man but she intends on pissing Liza off.

"Really, I pretty sure it's my name he yells when I let him deep inside me," Cara smirks.

Those words are enough to throw Liza off the edge, so when she raises her hand up to swing it at Cara's face, Cara knows to be ready.

Cara grabs her hand, "It's just wrong to hit a pregnant lady," Cara throws her hand down. "I guess I have to teach you manners." Cara's pout turns to a smirk.


Cara walks out of the toilet whistling and twirling Liza's wig in her fingers.  Pregnant or not, no one messes with Cara. She is sure Liza won't be coming out anytime soon, as she will have to explain coming in black and leaving in blonde.

At of nowhere, Cara is pulled to a corner by no other person than mark. "What the hell?" Cara yells, taking back control of her arm.

"Oh, I am sorry. I just wanted to check in because a beautiful girl like you shouldn't be alone, looks like Alex isn't doing his job well" Mark smiles at her.

Is he really flirting with a pregnant woman who also has a boyfriend?  He is way out of line.

"I didn't realize I needed Xander's assistance to pee." Cara gives him a straight face.

"You look good by the way," He attempts to remove the strand of hair on Cara's face when she slaps is hands-off immediately.

"That's it, bye." Cara tries to walk away when she feels his hands on her arm, attempting to pull her back. Cara swears if she turns around her hands will meet his face. Before she could turn, Cara hears someone's fist meet with someone's face. It's Xander, punching the living hell out of Mark.

Cara rolls her eyes at the display of masculinity as she picks up Liza's wig which she had dropped in her attempt to slap Mark. She could have handled the situation herself.

Cara watches as Xander punches Mark repeatedly, not knowing if she should try and stop the fight. She is really enjoying it, so she can watch it for a minute.

Okay, she is bored and she doesn't want drunken Xander to kill someone. So, she has to stop him.

Why do these heavy responsibilities fall on her?

"Xander, the babies," Cara yells and that was enough to get Xander to stop punching.


They are heading back home, after the drama there was no use staying. The car is always quiet, but this time it's not the comfortable silence that always exists.

There's tension in the air, Cara feels the need to say something and so she does, "I could have handled it myself but thanks anyway." Cara looks towards his direction.

"Whatever," Xander says, staring at the window.

Wow, drunken Xander is more of an asshole.

Cara rolls her eyes, turning to her own side of the window as well. Her phone rings, she looks down and sees Xavier's name on the screen.

"How is it going?" Xavier teases.

"It's not, we are on our way home. Order me pizza, I'll be hungry."

"Cassie and I are heading out to the movies."

"I hate you guys," Cara grumbles.

"We love you too," Xavier says before hanging up.

Cara shakes her head, a smile on her face as she thinks of how far she has come. How did she manage to get here? Going to a celebrity ball, sitting with a billionaire and carry two of his kids.

This is absolutely crazy.

Cara assisted the drunken douche up the stairs because he could barely walk. Cara can't say it was an easy task to do as he kept on warning Cara to "Watch the suit," as she helps him up the stairs.

It took everything in Cara not yell, "I'm trying to help your drunken ass."

Arrogant much.

This is the time Jonathan's help will be needed but the old man is asleep.

Cara finally got him to his room, dropped his drunken ass on his bed, and helped him to remove his shoes. Within seconds, he was already asleep, making Cara roll her eyes. 

What makes Cara happy is that he's going to suffer a hell of a hangover tomorrow.

Cara stops for a second to admire the sleeping man. If one sees him right now, they won't tell he is a major asshole. She hates to say it but he looks cute.

What the fuck Cara, this is creepy. She mentally scolds herself.

She turns around to leave, heading towards the door, she halts when she hears Xander's sleepy voice. "Stay,"

Cara turns around to see that he is still asleep and from the looks of it, he is.

The Alexander Black sleep talks?

Cara lets out a low laugh, as she attempts to leave again.

"Stay please." His voice comes again.

Cara bits down on her lips as she turns to him, torn between staying and leaving. It won't hurt to stay for a while and besides the bed is big enough for both of them.

"Go to your room Cara." She mutters to herself, but she still stands.

"Just this one time," She convinces herself.

She walks towards his bed, pulling the blanket a little. As she is about to sit, his voice comes again, "Don't go, Liza stay."

"The fuck!" Cara yells, clearly not loud enough for him to wake up.

Liza, Seriously?





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