~Arianna's pov~

 Here we go again" I thought to myself as I pushed the heavy doors and enetered my new school . 4th school I've gone to in the past couple of months . You think I can still stay at the same school after I got the 'playa' to fall for me ?! Nahh . I had my own vision and mission . My opinion about players was simply a bunch of losers that are sexually frustrated therefore they use the poor innocent people , mostly girls , in their pathetic life and play with their hearts like a video game and take advantage of them to satisfy their needs . Ugh disgusting . For that matter , I've decided to put an end to it and take control . I thought why not let them experience for once how it feels to be heart broken since they think it's ok to do it to all girls . I have to admit I risked a lot when I first started doing this ; changing boys . But I was done and fed up and I found a lot of fun and enjoyment during doing my job , plus , when I'm done , I feel accomplished and great that I've changed a bad boy into a sweetheart so I guess it has lots of benefits ! Yeah they seem a little hurt and broken when I dump them but hey , they've done that to a lot of females before so I guess we're even ? Karma's a b*tch anyway .

I roamed the unfamiliar hallways for the first time holding my head up high like the boss I am , my first day , but I had to make sure I don't show any signs of shyness or weakness . Not one bit . Judging my past experiences , First impressions are the most important ones because the way people will start to treat me on my first day is based on what they think of me . So I had to make sure they got the image of me as a badass' , a die hard chick , a fearless strong independant female that doesn't give a crap' what people think of her , can take care of herself , handle her own business and respects herself to the fullest . I walked in with a grin confident as ever . This was the player magnet ; looks , self-esteem , credit . A girl that's hard to get and not easy is definitely a challenge for players , they get surprised that this girl actually doesn't want them and not thirsty for them like the other side chicks so they insist on messing with her . And that's just what I needed . I gave my best 'not interested' look as I walked over to the main office . Many were whispering and many guys were hollering . I occasionally winked and smirked at the hot ones and smiled juuust a little at the girls who looked me up and down . I got in the office and stood there uninterested .

"Hello there , can I help you young lady ?"

" I'm new " I simply answered . 

"Name ?"

"Arianna Hale "

" Here's your schedule and here's your locker number , oh and let me show you around so you can get to your first period " she said as she started to get up .

" I can handle myself , thanks" I said as I grabbed the stuff and walked out before she could call me back over . I actually made a bad decision because I was lost as hell . Thank God somebody noticed "Yo , you need help over there ?" I heard someone ask . It was a girl . I turned to face her and examined her closlely . I honestly expected her to be one of those stuck up two faced ho*s that fill this school but to my surprise she wasn't . She looked REAL . harmless . I can tell she was  drama free , she had a lot of swag too . Vans , hair braided , snapback , I don't give a fuck attitude . Just what takes to be a main ride or die chick . I smiled innocently "yup . You know where Mr.Brown's Chemistry class is ?" She nodded "follow me I have that class now" I walked beside her silently as she started a conversation "so , first day huh ? Where did you come from ?" She did seem cool . But not to the point where I trust her enough to tell her all that about me . "Easton High" I simply answered . She nodded and shrugged "cool . I'm Jessie by the way" "Arianna , nice to meet ya " I said as I shook her hand "you know if you didn't seem so real and confident I wouldn't have even bothered to help you . But you're different and you seem like a ride or die . I feel like we'll get along " she flashed a genuine smile . Wow she was blunt ! But I respected that and I knew right then she was trustworthy " the feeling's mutual " I returned the smile . " Well we're here " She said as she stopped in front of the classroom . She looked at me and gestured for me to go ahead . I slowly opened the door and entered with her behind me maintaining my same level of confidence and arrogance . "Miss Jessie , late as usual " a tall middle aged man said . " Sorry Mr.B I just ran into Arianna she's new here . She's lost so I helped her " she said with a shrug as she entered and sat in the back leaving me standing there . Was she used to speaking to teachers like that !? Whatevs . "Ah...miss Arianna I've been informed about you . Hope you have a productive year here in Riverdell even though it's hard to do that with these kids around here" he became quiet for a while .  I guess he expected someone to laugh but.....*crickets*! He cleared his throat "alright guys let's start . Be nice to her " he said as he guided me to a seat and went on with his work .

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