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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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I'm just hearing things, I'm just hearing things, I'm just hearing things......

This was the fifth night in a row I heard it. The mysterious walking noise. I knew for a fact it wasn't my mom, cause she never made any noise when she walked, she was too light and quick on her feet. And my dad? No way. I would have seen the light from the candle he always lit to make sure he didn't trip over anything. So what was it? I was balled up under my blankets, my long red hair draped over my shoulders like a little shield. I'd already asked my mom what it was, but all she had said was,

"Now Rose, I've already told you. When you were little, you used to hear a person walking around too. It's always been your imagination. Me and your father make sure to lock the door. Don't worry," and then she left me to the solitude of my room. To be honest, I do remember hearing those same foot steps. When I was 6, I thought it was my prince, coming to save me from the loneliness I was always feeling then. But every night for a week, the foot steps never once got close to my door. I was so desperate to meet another person other then family that i tried to carve a little hole through my wooden door, but being 6, i didn't get anywhere after the first 5 minutes, so I gave up the project. And then the steps weren't heard again. Until now.

From the other side of my far wall, I heard someone cough. I stopped breathing, wishing my heart wasn't beating so fast. For some reason, I had the feeling that it was so loud that 'it' could hear it too.

After a few minutes, I heard 'it' go out the front door. I sighed and got out from underneath my covers. When 'it' left, it was gone till the next night. After a few minutes of my brain thinking of  different things all at once, I finally dozed off.....not realizing the little light beam I get through the crack in my window wasn't on the wall like it usually is every night.....

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