Percy's POV

"Oh, come on Percy! Just tell me what's bothering you!" Grover begged.

Pfft, yeah right. 

"No." I crossed my arms, confused. I can't understand why I was staring at Ariel like that.

The way her beautiful red hair flowed gently...

I think I was day dreaming, because the next thing I knew is that a bucket of water was booked over my head.

"What the-" Someone covered my mouth and 'shh'd me, dragging me into a cabin. 

After the person let go, I turned and drew my sword, quickly realized who it was and made it back into my pen.

"Annabeth. That was not necessary." I glared at my laughing girlfriend.

"It was." she giggled, holding her sword on her belt.

She suddenly stopped and looked over me, out into the window. "Hm?" I asked. 

She nervously spoke. "Um... nothing." Then she turned around and kissed me.

I heard something drop, and footsteps running from my cabin. I shoved Annabeth away, and saw something.

On the floor next to the door was a card. A card?

I picked it up, and opened it up.

My eyes grew wide and I dropped it like the last person. 

I looked outside the window, seeing the back of a girl running, with red hair.