Chapter 18: Little Thalia's and Johnny Boy's Running Around

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I have been sitting in this chair for what feels like years

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I have been sitting in this chair for what feels like years. I don't know if it's been hours, days, minutes...I have no idea, but it feels like a lifetime.

The door slowly opens. "JOHNNY BOY!?" I yell, trying to look behind me but failing. "Stop calling me that." I hear a voice say.

Johnny comes into view. "What's up babe?" I ask smirking. "Babe? That's even worse than Johnny boy." He says rolling his beautiful eyes.

"Well maybe if you weren't so darn hot we wouldn't have this problem," I say. "Speaking of...this chair isn't comfortable. Why can't I have a room? I'll share with you." I wink.

"We are not sharing a room." He says. "What about a bed? I'm fine with either one of those!" I say. "No."

"One day, one day you will change your mind. We will have little Thalia's and Johnny boy's running around, one boy and one girl. Their names will be Nora and Johnny junior!" I say.

"I am not having a little girl with the name Nora." He says scrunching up his nose. "So you admit we will have kids one day?" I smirk. 

"I didn't say that." He says. "YOU IMPLIED IT!" I say.

"You are hopeless." He shakes his head smiling, his dimples showing. I almost swoon over him, but I stopped myself. Thalia what on earth are you thinking?

"No I'm Thalia. I thought you knew my name. Clearly not." I roll my eyes. "You are weird." He says. "Thank you," I clear my throat.

"So why did you take me?" I question. "To get back at someone." His eyes suddenly turn dark, his eyes were no longer the eyes I had first laid eyes on.

"Oh. Who is that exactly?" I ask. "Noa- you know what? He isn't even worth my breath." He says. "Noah? What did Noah do? And by taking me what do you think you are doing? He doesn't care about me. He wants me gone." I frown.

"No." Johnny laughs. "Yes he does. Now what did Noah do to you?" I ask. "That's a story for another time."

"No, that's a story for right now. Sit your ass crisscross applesauce on the dirty ass floor and tell me!" I glare. "No, I already told you not today."

"Thal-" Johnny starts. "John?" Someone asks opening the door. "Dad." Johnny says clearing his throat and standing up straight, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"You turn me on when you act like this." I wiggle my eyebrows, Johnny didn't even look at me. I wonder what's up with him. "Who is this?" The man asks, almost as if he was growling at me.

"Johnny boy, please tell me you didn't replace me with this," I say in disgust. Johnny looks at me, a hint of fear in his eyes. "What?"

I look at the man that walked into the room, his face was red. Wait...oh man...I'm so dumb...this is my boyfriends father.

Silly me.

I laugh awkwardly. "Soooo you are Johnny boy's father...?" I ask. "Get her to shut up before I make her." The man says throwing the door open and walking out, slamming it behind him.

"Well...I think I made a good first impression. Honestly, I'm proud of myself," I say smiling, but the look on Johnny's face made me know that I shouldn't be. "Or not."

"Do you know what you just did, Thalia?" He asks glaring at me. "Well obviously not." I say. "Do you ever stop?!" He yells.

"Haha, no. The word 'stop' is not in the Thalia dictionary." I say. "Dictionary? Thalia dictionary? That's so stupid." He says.

"Not as stupid as you trying to make me shut up," I say laughing. "I mean we both obviously know that's never going to happen, so why ask?"

"Oh my god." He sighs. "Would you like to here the Thalia pledge? Of course you would, so here it goes. Pledge of allegiance to the mighty Thalia. To the republic of Thalia's, for which stands under cake...with tacos and McDonald's for everyone. So do you like it?" I ask.

"Can I be honest," He asks smiling, I nod. "I fucking hate it."

"Well I fucking hate how hot you are! Somethings we can't fucking help, Johnny boy! Damn! Freaking selfish!" I shake my head glaring at him.

"You are unbelievable." He says looking at me, almost as if he was confused. "Why thank you Johnny boy!" I say smiling.

"You know what, you've been tied up for two weeks, tomorrow I'll untie you, but only for tomorrow." He says. "Yeah, cuz you are in love with me and you can't stand that I'm in a chair tied up. You just wanna hug me,"

"Am I right or am I right?" I smirk. He doesn't deny, nor approve, he just walks out of the door. Not another word being said. Damn, that was weird awkward. Wait I've been in here for TWO WEEKS?!

Where the hell is everyone...

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