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I would like to dedicate this chapter to pancakeasaurus who gave me the idea for this chapter! You all are really going to love it I think ;D BY THE WAY THIS IS A PRANK CHAPTER...NOT A REAL CHAPTER! Since the prank already took place I just wanted to let you all know!



June 23rd: Waxing Crescent

    As Lockheart's hands reached out to stop me from hitting the floor it was like everything inside me - everything I believed in shattered. There was nothing left in the world but me and him. Those eyes, filled with such evil, sent shivers through my body as they soaked into my soul. I knew that from that moment on I would love him and all evil. Our love would tear down the world and we would become rulers through the ashes.

    He gently sent me back on my feet and we grasped into a tight embrace. Our bodies fit perfectly together and I couldn't help but smell his fresh mint smell. As we pulled apart from each other it was as if something in me were missing it's other half. 

    "Amanda," he whispered, his intense gaze staring into my soul, "I love you."

    Then we were in a lip lock and there was nothing in the world but the two of us. Fireworks blasted around in my head and I felt as if I was flying. In the background I could hear Haden gagging, but it had no effect to what Lockheart did to me. I barely even had time to grasp that this was my brother, someone totally forbidden. There was nothing I could do for the way I felt though. I loved him and I loved evil, it would forever be that way. 

    We pulled apart, both gasping for air as we stayed tightly in one another's arms. I felt like if I let go there would be nothing holding me up for support. Lockheart was the only person now capable of keeping me alive and breathing. He was the only thing I had to live for. I loved him. 

    "Come on a date with me," Lockheart said, grabbing my hand and half dragging me to the front door. Anything he had to say would have brought me with him. 

    "Where?" I asked breathless. 

   "To burn down the world."

    It was the most romantic thing I'd ever heard. Burning down the world with the person I loved most seemed like the perfect deal. I would go anywhere with him. 

    With one last lingering kiss we left out the door and set out to take the world together. 


November 5th: Some Moon I Don't Know About

    On this day Amanda and Lockheart Jones were executed for trying (and failing) to take over the world. Although Amanda claimed that she was under the discretion of her evil writer, everyone knows that she has a tendency to do stupid things. Lockheart on the other hand was sure he was in love and that they were going to take over the world together. 

    Of course, there love had become public with their horrid displays of affection with which Ren decided he would kill Lockheart over. In the end that failed and Ren barely made it out alive. He is know living in confusion and is sure that his dearest writer Rae Ann is evil. All of this has been denied of course and the two were sentenced to death. 

    Then do we know it wasn't really the writer?


So I'm sure many of you quickly realized this was a joke. I was going to make the chapter longer, but I was a bit disgusted by the horrid relationship that was Amanda and Lockheart. Ew someone gag me with a spoon. Anyway I got the idea from pancakeasaurus who thought it would be funny with which I agree. In other news vote on the next chapter and don't be afraid to leave comments! I love to get them! 

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