Part 128*

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Shravan and Sumo's flight landed late at night in Delhi. Despite Shravan's protest, Pushkar had arrived at the airport with Varun to pick up the post honeymoon couple. The grin on Pushar's face was unmissable when Sumo and Shravan walked out of the airport to be greeted by the two brothers.

Shravan: Pushkar? Varun Bhaiya? I thought I told you two just send a car?? 

Sumo: (slapping his chest) Is this how you greet people Shravan? Come on, it's so sweet of Bhaiya and Pushkar to come pick us up! 

Shravan: No, no. I have no problem with Varun Bhaiya, but I'm pretty sure monkeys are not allowed at international airports! (teasing) 

Varun: (high fiving Shravan) Good one!! 

Pushkar: (rolling his eyes) Sumo's absolutely right when she calls you Khadoos!! And by the way, I have no interest in picking up a nerd like you Bhaiya! I'm here for my Sumo wrestler!! 

Sumo: (hugging Pushkar) Awe! Pushkar that's so sweet! Now tell me, did you take care of my Pretty Preeti??

Pushkar: I took very good care of YOUR Pretty Preeti! Even though she ran after me with a hot iron, I still got her pastries every single day and brought her back chocolates from work! 

Sumo: Look Shravan! See Pushkar and learn something! 

Shravan: (frowning) Learn something? From this monkey? Please Sumo, I have standards! 

Pushkar: Leave the losers to the side Sumo. And you tell me, did this Kutub Minar treat you well or was he just as khadoos over in Hawaii.

Varun: Pushkar, wrong question, of course Shravan would treat is JAAN like a princess. (teasing) The real question is, who won the bet!! (grinning) 

Sumo: (confused) Bet? What bet? I don't know about------

Shravan: (cutting her off) Nothing!!! Nothing Sumo! And are you guys just going to keep talking here or do you actually plan on taking us home!? 

Pushkar: (smirking) Yes, yes! We'll take you home!! But this discussion isn't over yet Bhaiya! 

Shravan: (whispering) Shut up you fool! If Sumo hears you, she will beat you up! 

Pushkar: (whispering) You're husband and wife now! Ain't got no shame about it! 

Shravan: (whispering) I'll talk to you about it tomorrow! 

Varun: What are you two whispering about now?! 

Sumo: (yawning) Yeah Shravan. Please continue your arguments at home, I'm sleepy! 

Shravan: Sure Baby. Let's go Bhaiya, and let's go Driver. 

Pushkat: Driver? This King is being disrespected by an ordinary peasant! 

Shravan: (rolling his eyes) Drama Queen, please take us home!!

The three brothers and Sumo got into the car and headed back to the Malhotra Mansion. The warm breeze felt good against their skin as they saw the streets they grew up in, smiling about how they were finally home. 

Malhotra Mansion.

Upon arrive, Pushkar and Varun handled all of the baggage and Sumo and Shravan walked into the house with a smile on their faces when they saw the entire family standing in the living room. 

Preeti: (jumping up and hugging her) SUMAN DI!!!!!!!! 

Sumo: (hugging) Careful Preeti!!!!!! 

Preeti: I missed you so much!!!

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