Chapter 3

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Spies Party?!?!?!

A/N: I haven't updated in a while and I'm sorry about that. I've had a lot of testing at school and homework and stuff. This chapter is going to be more fun than the last two. Enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

Oh my gosh. I can't beleive it has only been three weeks of school and I am already studying for my midterms. Plus I have a ton of homework to do. It's like these teachers are trying to drive us to the point were we have no life outside of school. Most of the kids at school are talking about the beginning of the school year bonfire. Its a tradition and only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are allowed to go. Freshmen are too new and would get too feeaked out by a party , but some of them sneak in.

I am a 'follow the rules' type of girl so I most likely ,no scratch that, I will not be attending this party. I am really strong when under peer pressure. All my friends will be going but that never stopped me from missing out on fun before. It is way too risky to get caught at a party without my moms permission. Everybody knows my mom would never let me go to a high school party but then again, I never asked

After I snapped out of my thoughts I got dressed and just as I was about to call Kaitie to scream at her for being FIVE minutes late a new car pulled into my drive way. I recognized it from the pictures on Instagram. It was Chris' new greyish Toyota Camry. I hopped in. " Hey, nice new ride!" I said trying not to rip his troat out for being late. Us spies are really strict about being on time." Yeah, I wanted you to see the new car in person since everyone else has already so I asked Kaitie if I could pick you up today." he said excitedly. " Thats great and all but if you are going to come pick me up to show off your new car at least come on time!!" I said a little bit snappy but I can't stay mad at him for long. After all he is like a brother to me.

We got to school and I saw Jake by our lockers and I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. I have to admit , we have only know each other for three weeks but we have gotten to be really good friends. "Alright I have to get going to first period." Chris said leaving me. "See ya later." I said starting to make my way to my locker. When I got there Jake was totally pumped for the bonfire this weekend. "I can't wait. Who should I ask to go with me Kimberly, Jamie, oh or maybe Sarah." he teased playing with me knowing that I am too much of a good girl to go to a party. Plus I think he wanted to see if I would get jealous which I tried not to show. "You are such a player!" I said stating the obvious. "Hey don't hate the player , hate the game!" he said doubled over laughing at my 'are you freaking serious' reaction I shot at him. "Shut up." I said as we arrived at our first period class.

Just as I got to lunch I sat down and I was having a great time with my friends fighting over who had a more boring weekend. Right as we started to settle down and actualy eat ,one of my friends from my old soccor team sat next to me and almost started crying. She was a freshman and I felt so bad as her eyes started watering up. "Whats wrong Sabrina?" I asked feeling so hurt by the pain in her eyes. "I am being bullied." she said so sadly. "By who?!?!?!!!!!" I asked in disbelief. Sabrina was so sweet. Probably the nicest girl I ever met. I can't beleive someone would do to to her. "George Talersten, he is spreadjng really nasty rumors I really dont what to repeat about me and my friends are all turning against me now." She said finally giving into the tears. As she sat there sobbing I knew I had to do something about this.

" I'm going to talk to him right now!" I said as Kaitie tried making Sabrina feel better. As I started getting out of my seat Jake pulled me down by my elbow. "What are you doing? I have to go talk to that little scum bucket." I said getting a little angry. "No. I know you are older than him but he can be bigger and asume you are weak and do exactly what he is doing to her ,to you." he said seriously. "Go intimidate the crap out of him." I said knowing he was too stubborn to back down. Plus he had a point so why not leave it to the most intimidating person in school. His muscles were bulky and he was tall with a bad boy image. Who wouldn't be afraid?

George looked like a lost puppy dog after Jake finished talking to him. "Nice work, dare devil." I said when he returned to the table. "Puhlease. That was too easy." he said arrogantly.

Right before we had to leave for fifth period Sabrina said a polite "Thank you" to Jake and he was so happy to make her happy. He hates when people get bullied. "Thanks for doing that. Jeez, how can I pay you back?" I asked him rhetorically. "Actualy ,I was thinking that maybe you could go to the bonfire with me as friends obviously." he said really sincere and I was surprised he didn't say something smart " I mean unless you want to go as more than that." he whispered in my ear with that smart allac comment I was waiting for. But even that made a shiver tingle across my whole body."Fine I'll go but only as friends." I said. I know I know I said I was NOT going to this party but this boy gets to me. I can't resist him.

Kaitie was so excited I was going. She finally had a girl to attend parties with and she didn't have to hang out with the boys the whole time. Kaitie and I are not drinkers. We had accidentally got hold of a bottle full of bear when we were ten and we didn't know any better so we drank it and next thing you know we were puking all over the place. In our defense it was in a water bottle and we didn't know so don't judge. Anyway that was a bad experience for us. I never went to a party so me and Kaitie had to go dress shopping.

The next day was Saturday and since I had absolutely nothing to do in the morning and the party was tonight I decide to call Kaitie to see if she wanted to go to the mall. I told my mom I was going to need money to get a nice dress for a party. My dad died a year ago so I could ask truthfully because if he was still here I would have to lie but they are spies so they would catch me. Usually my mom is easy on me, I think she will be harder on me with this subject. My mom is so easy on me because she believes if I am mature enough to be a spy, I am muture enough to make my own decisions. "Sure honey, this is your first party though so the rules are do not drink, do not leave you cup anywhere and come back to it, do not smoke, nothing they explained at the talk, and last of all be home before curfew. " she said putting a lot of trust in me. I was absolutly amazed that she said yes and didn't give me any greif about it.

When Kaitie and I finally got to the mall we found a nice boutique with some amazing dresses in it. I tried on three and I decided to go with a hot pink dress. I was halter style at the top the straps crossed in the back and it reached my mid thigh. It was not a skin tight dress because I don't need to look trashy to be confident in what I am wearing. The skirt of the dress startes in the middle of my stomach and flared out. This way I can wear flats with it and it wouldn't look bad. Kaitie didn't decide to pick a dress because she had plenty to choose from at home. We then went to a small shoe store and Kaitie was in heaven. She is obsessed with shoes. She picked some strapy purple heels to match the dress she had at home. I found some flats that were exactly the same color as my dress and had a floral print. "Score!" Kaitie and I said together. I told you we do that a lot. Its weird but we are bestfriends so we pretty much think alike.

Kaitie decided that we should both stay at her house to get ready before the party since she had experience with the whole party thing. She also wanted to give me a makeover because I had no idea what I am supposed to look like. Jake is picking me up and Kaitie is driving on her own because she needed more time to get ready and show up fashionably late. It was almost seven o' clock and Kaitie was just finishing up with me. "And........Perfect!!!" she said excitingly as she let me look in the mirror."I have to say, you look hot and you don't need a skin tight dress to prove it" she said approvingly. "I do look hot!" I said surprised. I never thought I could look this good. My dress matched beautifully with my flats. My hair was straightend and fell perfectly. Kaitie had given me a sort of smokey eye effect and applied mascara. I hated eyeliner so ahe didn't put any on. She added a pinkish lip color as well. "Alright my turn, when is Jake picking you up?" she asked. "Seven thirty." Good, you can do my hair while I do my makeup." she said wanting to get to the party. She gets really excited for these sorts of things. "Do you have a thing for Jake?" she said applying her foundation. I have been dreading this question since the first day of school. She wasn't jealous though because she admitted she liked John and honestly I think the liked her back. They are so cute together. "Um....uh......maybe." I finally spat out. "SHUT UP!" she said like the girly girl she was. "I just think if I like him I will be like the billion other girlfriends he has probably cheated on in his past years." I said not so happy. " Lilly, if he really likes you he would never do that to you." she said trying to make me feel better.

Just then the doorbell rang startling both of us. As I walked down the stairs I thought to myself

I really hope tonight goes over well.

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