chapter five

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Hera POV
  "Hera wake up. We need to go to school" chorong shouted.
      "Ten more minutes" Hera said in a husky voice.
"You have been saying that since. We are almost late. Stand up now!!"
      "OK grandma, am up. Wait let me..."

   I covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I vomited in the toilet bowl and rinsed my mouth. Chorong gave me water and I drank it.

    "What's wrong with me. I haven't eaten anything why am I vomiting" I asked.
   "Its called morning sickness Hera.  Its OK don't worry"
"Oh I have to tell baekhyun today. What am I gonna do?What if he doesn't accept it? What if he thinks he is not the father? What if.."
     "Hera stop, everything will be fine. Stop thinking negative. Let's go to school".

      I quickly prepared for school since we are almost late. Chorong drove us to school but we still arrived late.

  " miss park and miss ji why are you ten minutes late?" The teacher asked.
"We are sorry sir. We woke up late" I said.

" I will let it go today since both of you are punctual students. But next time be prepared for detention. OK" the teacher said.

We hurriedly went to our seat. I looked at the back and saw baekhyun laughing with his friend Chen and kai. My heart started to beat faster since I was afraid to tell him. I decided to try and focus on the subject. I repeat TRY but my mind was elsewhere.

Baekhyun POV
  I was chatting with Chen and kia since they are in my morning class. When Hera and chanyeol sister entered. I wonder why she came late. Since the incident, I always unconsciously notice her presence. I shrugged it off and slept during class.

Nobody's POV
  The bell rang for closing. Students of SHS hurried out of the class chatting and laughing with their friends.

   Baekhyun was packing his book. Being the bad boy that he was, he didn't even write in his book. Hera used the opportunity that most of the students left the class except baekhyun and his friends.

Chorong did not have the same class with her. Hera took a deep breath and went to the backseat. It was now or never.

    "B..baekhyun I want to talk to you. Can you spare me some minutes" Hera asked.

  Baekhyun, Chen and kai were surprised cause Hera is a girl that always don't want to associate with anything that has to do EXO. Especially  baekhyun since Hera always avoid him. He managed to find his voice and said

"Guys give me a  minutes, I will meet you at suho place".

Kai and Chen nodded and walked out as Chen keeps checking Hera out.

  " hmm w.. What do you wa..nna talk a..bout" baekhyun stammered. He mentally scolded himself for stammering. He is so organized with various girls but with Hera he found himself disorganized.

  "Hmm about that night at chorong house, I have something to tell you" Hera managed to voice out.
    "OK what is' baekhyun gulped. He always avoided that night incident. How he enjoyed it, how she was...' Baekhyun what are you thinking' he thought.

  " I ..I am..pre..g..nant" Hera stammered.
"What?!!" Baekhyun shouted which was OK since nobody was around.

"I just found out not long. I..I really don't know what to do" Hera said trying hard not to cry. She has to be strong only then can she survive.

  "How is it even possible. Weren't you using birth control or something" baekhyun asked. Beads of sweat already forming on his forehead.

  "What do you mean how?." Hera asked angrily
" did not use a condom
2.birth control? How am I suppose to use birth control when i wasn't planning on having sex five years from now. I wasn't planning to lose my virginity to you!! God my life is ruined. " hera took a few breath to ask the question that have been bothering her. "My question is are you going to take responsibility or what?" Hera asked.

  Beakhyun couldn't find himself to say anything. Gosh he is just eighteen and Hera is seventeen. They really need to talk about this.
     "Where is your house? Let's talk about it"
"My aunt kicked me out when found out about the baby"
   "This is the address to my apartment. I will see you at eight. The code is 20172. I will see you OK. Bring your things too" he said before running away.

Hera tried to comprehend the fact that he ran away meaning he does not accept the baby. But he said we should meet, does that mean there is a little hope. Trying not to jump into conclusion, she left the school and went to chorong house.

Baekhyun mind was a mess. He kept thinking of what just happened. She is pregnant with his baby. Is he ready to be a dad? Is he going to ignore the baby and focus on work like his parents? How will he tell his family especially his elder brother beakbeom? He has many questions but no answer.

He forgot all about meeting with his friends and ran to the park. He needed to think, he needed space.

    Hera told chorong about what happened and changed her uniform before going to search for a part time job. Even with her friend refusing she doesn't want to depend on anybody for anything.

She went to baekhyun apartment at 7pm. It was quite spacious with three bedroom and toilet. It even has a game room. Too much for a student.

She wanted to clean up if it was dirty but do his surprise, it was very clean. He must be a clean freak. She tried to wait for him but she fell asleep.

     Baekhyun entered his code and entered. He was surprise to see Hera sleeping on the couch. She looks innocent and pretty. He wanted to carry her but she woke up.

"Baekhyun you are here"
    "Hera have you thought of perhaps removing the baby.?"
"What no I won't do that, am not aborting the baby. I just can't destroy another innocent life".

"OK how about you keep it. You can stay with me, I have extra room. Besides we don't want anyone knowing about the baby yet"

Hera thought about it she doesn't want to impose on chorong seems like she has no choice.
  "OK but on one condition. You won't have any other thought right?like doing anything when am asleep, And you won't let your friends know or behave like you know me in school"

  Baekhyun thought about it for a while. He doesn't want exo to find out yet.
"OK. let's go to sleep"

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