The Gang Life Love Story!

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The Gang Life Love Story!


He said he wanted a ride or die chick the one he could spend his whole life with, and from that moment on I knew he was talking about me because from him I have always been there and will always be. I was there the first day of nursery when had his toddler Tims and that faint scent of baby oil with his shiny face and his ashy knees, I was there the day we entered that Big Boy school and was also there the day he got kicked out of that Big Boy school and had to enter that Bad Boy world. I was there when it all went wrong, when his Dad first started hitting his Mum, when his Grandma went into hospital, when his cousin Charlise was raped and when her boyfriend Dwayne stabbed and killed the rapist. Unfortunately I was there when he got dragged into that Gang Life, when he smoked his first zoot and when he shot his first 8th. I have always been there for him and he's always been there for me he's been the best friend, the brother and the boyfriend even though none of them have been official.

Chapter One - The stabbing

Kaneisha- Marie

Ring ring my phone went off it was Andre my home boy, my best friend and I so wanted him to be my lover "Hey baby boy, what's up?" I said in the most normal voice I could muster. I'm sure it sounded different like some alien from mars because he couldn't recognise the voice "Kani? Kani? Is that you?" he had this stupid nickname for me. My name is Kaneisha-Marie Kiarna Wilson but Andre calls me 'Kani'. I can't stand it and would slap anyone else who stupidly gathered up enough courage to call me that, but Andre could call me 'Donkey' and I'd love it. Andre has this deep masculine voice that I just can't get enough of, not as deep as Barry White but deep enough for me to drown in, it's weird how just him calling my name makes my knees quiver and my heart skip a beat, "Yeah Dre, it's me. Who else would it be?" I sounded sweet and innocent everything I was totally not, "your to facety for me you know, anyway were going to a house party tonight, just wanted to know if you wanted to come through with us." he sounded his normally cheeky self. Wow! Stay cool Kaneisha. I don't know why I'm acting so weird, it's not like I don't talk to Andre every other day. He asks me to go out every Friday night to one of these 'hood rat' house parties as my sister would call them. Every time Andre asks me to come out I always say the same two words... "Who's going?" I questioned with curiosity dripping from my tone and he knew why as well. He coughed and said "Don't worry babe Ryan won't be there and either will Alex or Alyssa and if they even come onto the same road I'll have my boys on the door" He said the same thing every week without fail, but by boys I knew he meant the rest of his gang. Andre was general of K410 one of the most notorious gangs in west London. He became general in less than two years and even though, what he does is not right I'm still proud of him for working for something and achieving it. Andre is one of sexiest boys in the my area, when he talks on the phone his face and eyes light up, he has this smile that would never fail to brighten up your day and make your insides warm, and when he smiled all his perfect pearly whites stand out against his dark chocolate complexion his eyes are like windows he always tries to shut the blinds but I can always see through them and read what he's thinking and feeling, his eyes are hazel brown with a green tint which I love most. Andre has this way of staring into space when he's talking on the phone like he's dreaming with his eyes open, he never ceases to amaze me. "Okay Dre I'll come. Are you going to come pick me up or am I coming to your house?" I knew exactly what he was going to say. "You're gonna come to mine (I could hear the smirk on his face) see you at 9.30." Tonight was the night. I was going tell Andre exactly how I felt about him, so I had to decide what to wear because this was a crucial point. I know it must sound like some sad pathetic love story but really and truly it was more like the Gang Life Love Story that I longed for.

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