Adam’s POV

It’s been 4 days since Ames was diagnosed.

4 days since she was out

4 days of that arrogant doctor called William checking her vitals every few hours.

Whenever I remember him, my blood boils in my veins.

His arrogance and attitude toward us got me to talk to the senior doctor to get someone instead of him whom in turn assured me that he, despite of his age, was one of the best. And for Ames’s sake, I have to bear with him.

Ames… The past four days went on cycles with her heart stopping times and the doctors getting it to work again. And every time I couldn’t help but fear that her heart won’t work again. The mortuary gave us the heart 3 days ago, but her condition wasn’t stable for operating. This morning Dr willsmug, yes I call Dr William willsmug as it suits him, checked her vitals and told us that the surgery is due today.

So here we are at the waiting hall while my Ames is in surgery, and by we I mean my mother and I. She hasn’t left Amy’s side the past few days unless to go to the bathroom or when I force her to go home sleep. My blood was going colder every minute I’ve been waiting for news about Ames the past four hours she has been inside.

The operating room’s door was yanked open and Dr willsmug approached us smiling. I shot up from my seat and ran to him.

“How did it go? Is she fine? Can I see her?”I asked one after the other.

“It went really well, she’s fine now. She is still under anesthesia, and I highly doubt that she’ll be waking up earlier than tomorrow.” He replied.

He excused himself after my mom asked him some questions. I was eerily happy and relieved after hearing the news. I took a look at mom and found her crying. I went to hug her while she cried, but she pulled away.

“Those are tears of happiness Adam; I thought I was losing her,” she paused to dry her tears “but I didn’t”.

 I wiped a stray tear and looked into her shimmering eyes,

“No you haven’t mom and I promise you nothing will ever happened to her.” I vowed. She pulled me into a bear hug and I was contented in my mother’s arms.

“Let’s go check on Ames” I uttered. She reluctantly let me go and we walked to Amy’s room in silence. I entered the room and my heart ached at the view in front of me.

My Ames was hooked up to plenty of machines and was as white as snow. I felt my mom’s hands clutching my shirt and I supported her to the couch.

I guess I wasn’t the only one pained to see her like that

Around 9, I got my mom to go home for Sarah, and when she finally did I got a chair and sat next to Ames’s bed and held on to her hand.

I just sat there for hours and hours holding Amy’s hand until I dosed off.

I woke up to movement in my hand. I looked up and saw that it was Ames’s hand. If I wasn’t paying attention, I wouldn’t have noticed how her lips had parted slightly. Keyword here: if.

My heart rate picked up in anticipation as her eyelids twitched slightly. I pressed lightly on her petite hand.

Her eyes opened slightly, and then here they were… Her blue eyes looking into my emerald ones.

“Ad” she breathed out her voice hoarse.

“I’m right here Ames” I said smiling. I handed her a glass of water from the table beside me.

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