The Geek Has Attitude. Part 10

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29th September 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Rem's POV... (Jeremiah Charters)

A Geek. That is what I see when I walk into the outer room for the next person who had come to see about the accountants job. Only, my grandma waved me away without a word when I would have interrupted the geekish woman who was intently looking through her electronic notebook.

I just looked at gran and turned away for a few more moments. Moments that turned into half an hour. Time enough for gran to have a quick nap and for the young woman to finish whatever it was she was working on.

Wearing some flat slip on white sandles with some old looking floral yellow and red dress as she sat there giggling with my grandmother about something that went right over my head. I was too busy feeling warm for some reason when I heard that laughter coming from the woman who looks much younger than she actually is. The slight laughter lines around her eyes told me that she was older than she looks. I'm sure of it.

I won't even mention the look she has about her with those thick heavy looking black framed reading glasses she has perched on her face that look like they often slide forward down her face. I counted six times when she used one of the fingers on her hand to push them back up onto her face which was surrounded by the messiest mop of hair I have ever seen.

As she brushed passed me,  she entered the room leaving me smelling something I couldn't describe. It was something I was comfortable with. I was familair with it. But I just couldn't place it. I'm sure it will come to me. I always remember things.

Anyway, the daft woman got my back up when she looked at me with this frown after I called her a good girl. I honestly thought she was one of those geeky good little girls who never put a foot, or anything else, out of place. She was probably raised in a nunnery with the way she was dressed.

She looks old fashioned and she probably is. But for some reason, I wouldn't mind finding out how good she really was... in my bed. My attention had been quickly brought back to the job at hand with her crossing her arms over her plump looking breasts. Breasts I was having a hard time looking away from. Then she was saying something about her face being somewhere which was slightly confusing me at the moment.

Then I brushed those thoughts right out of my head when I heard her reasons why she wanted to take my company on.

" And you appear to be a man with good instincts. You learned from the best in the country, so what do they tell you about me? I'm fairly sure you have looked through my Résumé and saw for yourself why you should hire me. But the interview goes both ways, Mr Charters. Why should I take you on as a client?" She said which starled me into giving her my full attention. I wondered where she got that information about me learning from the best and was it just a guess? I have no idea.

Then she shocked me again with what she said. But not before my grandmother spoke.

" She even did some work while waiting, which was something the others hadn't done and didn't even know the others had been interviewed and gone with the way she was concentrating. That tells me she is dedicated to her work." Grandma went on to say to me which had my eyebrows raised at her working on the job while being here for an interview. Then I watched as Ms Manning raced across right in front of me to Grandma after dropping all her things on the chair besideme to help take the tray from Granny. Little old granny who could probably shoot you before asking what you did.

The woman that Jarryd and I would die to do anything for after taking us on when my parents were killed.

" Here, let me get that for you. You shouldn't be carrying this anyway. You could have burnt yourself if they had spilled." She said before turning and giving me one of those pissy looks some women give men when they are pissed at them. I have no idea why she would be pissed at me for. I should be the one who was ticked off at her.

Then her and Grandma started talking fashion and I automatically tuned out what they were saying. I don't have time for fashion. Except for a good suit or two, I am happy enough just wearing a pair of boots, jeans and a flannel shirt. That was it for whe I wasn't working. Or even when i was actually.

Only once did I get one of my suits dirty. Ungrateful bitch couldn't even say thank you for fixing her damn claptrap of a car when it was broken down on the side of the road. Blonde and brainless. That was what she was, that stupid chick who wanted to tank me for helping her by climbing into the back seat of her rat infested excuse of a car.

Never again. I call the NRMA and pay the bill if I have to. Nothing more. Most of the time, I call them as I drive pass them. But that's it. Then I remembered why we are here. Not for bloody afternoon tea like what my grandma was trying to serve instead of lunch. Even if it was a bit late.

" Most of who you work for are only small companies. Why decide to look on taking ours." I suddenly asked her and watched the smile drop from her face as she turned to look at me like I was a bug she wanted to stomp on.

" Because your work ethics. Your credibility is above reproach and you are respected by two of the most powerful Environmental Engineering companies in the world. That's what I look for in a client. Will I like working with you? I have no idea. But I am willing to try." She bloodywell surprised me and Grandma by saying. Then I felt that little alarm again.

She said earlier that I learnt from the best. Now she is saying something about having the respect of two of the most powerful Environmental Engineering companies in the world. There is only two world renowned Environmental Engineering companies worth respecting. And both were owned by the Thoms family. The men who taught me all that I know today.

The men who gave me the hand up I needed after starting my life in the shit way I did. It wasn't easy, but I climbed out of that quagmire until I became a man they both respected. Something I hope I never lose. But how did she know and I am sure she does with the conviction of her words and the way she said them. She has to know.

Then she said something I never thought would pass her lips which also made grandma start laughing again as well as make me feel a bit hot under the color.

" I wish he would stop gazing at me with those damn pretty eyes of his." She muttered to herself in disgust thinking that we wouldn't have heard anything. But we did. Then we watched as her own pretty little face went bright pink when she realised she actually spoke out loud.

" I guess I said that aloud, didn't I? But it doesn't matter if they are pretty or not. It's work related that I am interested in." She then said with a grumpy tone of voice as she frowned at herself before looking up at me before glancing over at grandma who was still smiling.

" I'm Beatrice Summerton. Remmy's grandmother. I think you will a good assest to the company from what we have seen so far." Gran went on to say to her with a smile that she only uses on those she thinks earns it. Then I realised that Gran just hired the bloody woman.

So that's how Fai Manning came to be our accountant. But the look of disgust when we were being interviewd by each other was nothing compared to the look she gave me some months in the future.

That's when I found out how much my personal assistant and Fai did not like each other.

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