Blue Eyes. Part 9

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29th September 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

I was feeling somewhat nervous as I found myself a carpark out on the street twenty five minutes before my interview. I had left home really early this morning and after grabbing a coffee as I drove through the drive- thru, I continued on to get here in plenty of time for my appointment.

I was feeling a little nervous for some reason and being a new client was not the reason for the nerves. It had more to do with the piercing blue eyes I had spied on the face of the elder Charters brother, Jeremiah.

A strong formidable name for someone who looked just as strong and formidable.

I pulled on my glasses that I use after driving for any amount of distance on my own when my eyes get tired. The day was also unually warm and I ditched the cardigan that I had worn this morning leaving me just in my calf length floral sundress. The kind that Audrey hepburn favoured. I liked her style and was very partial to wearing it.

But I was also feeling a bit sticky with my thick long hair making me feel even warmer. So, I grabbed my hair in both of my hands and pulled it up into a messy bun for the moment and looking down into the side cavities in the doors, I saw that I didn't have any scrunchies or hair combs to use for my hair.

Someone has cleaned out the cruiser before I used it. Shrugging my shoulders knowing I couldn't do anything else, I moved my hair so that I could free up one of my hands for a search and rescue.

Then holding all of my thick and long hair with one hand, I reached into my shoulder bag and pulled out my pen case and opening it with one hand after a fiddle or two of it, I unzipped it and then pulled out one of my long pencils and slid it through the bun I was holding on the top of my hair. Then while still holding it, my hair that is, I grabbed another pen and slid it through after catching a few strands and secured my hair up in the coiled bun.

Giving my hair a little shake, I was satisfied that the pencils would hold the bun in place for at least the next hour. At least I hoped they do. That's how long I was thinking this appointment was going to take. Then I gathered my shoulder bag onto my shoulder again and making sure that I had everything I needed, I looked up and around to see which was the best way of getting into the cafe where the interviews were being held.

The place where it was being held was right next to Echp Park. Tours were also made out of the centre where the cafe was. The windows on the western side of the large building overlooked the beautiful scene that was viewed out over the large valley to the cliffs on the other side. The blue gums that lined the mountains and cliffs gave them the appearance of blue hazes that shimmered when the sunlight hit and glanced off the soft blueish leaves that glistened in the gentle wind.

But it has been years since I have been here with my nan and I am sure that the inside has been renovated just as much as the outside has.

Seeing the entrance, I gave my wrist watch a quick glance before heading off to where I saw a few other people mkaing their way to the entrance of the pretty and picturesque building.

I was waving my hand in front of my face to get rid of the few flies that were buzzing around and making a nuisance of themselves as I approached the front entrance.

Once inside, I stood to the side for a moment to allow my eyes to adjust to the darker interior. Once they had, I gave the place a good perusal and seeing a sign for E.E Chaters Interviews, I made my way across the wide hall and down a small corridor that led out to a larger room where I saw there were a couple of others waiting on the uncomfortable looking chairs provided.

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