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I was always making a fool out of myself in front of my boss, though he didn't ask the two of us as to why our cheeks were tear stained, I had to listen to the siblings as they teased upon my misery. I shook my head, trying to forget my humiliation and followed the sounds of clicking against the clear tiles, his broad shoulders blocking the view ahead of me.

"So I received the e-mail by the Russian company, did you get my message?" 

I held a clipboard and was walking behind Darius, there was a meeting he needed to attend, though it was quite sudden which is why we were running slightly off schedule.

"Reply back to them, let them know we will see them tomorrow?" I pursed my lips and nodded my head, making a note of it in my agenda.

"Who else is going to attend, you mentioned a we?" I hurried my steps, as I was finding it difficult to keep up with his long strides. How I hated tall people.


I bumped into the wall of Fontaine, inwardly cursing at myself for not realising he had stopped. My head still on his back, could feel the muscles in his body clench as he heaved out a large sigh.

"Sorry," I mumbled and took a step back, Darius turning abruptly on his heels.

I peered over the clipboard, my brown eyes widening at the playful smirk dancing across his otherwise hard-stone face. The light from above cast a shadow over his head, creating a contour of his already high cheeks. His tanned skin showcasing a healthy glow.

"Is there a problem in you joining us?" His chest elevated at each breath he took, he stood tall and proud. He knew he was intimidating, and boy did he enjoy it.

"N-no, not exactly." I replied sheepishly and pushed my glasses back, "but what am I actually going to do there, I'm not that savvy when it comes to business proposals or whatever it is that you do. Actually scrap that, what is it that you do?"

I jumped at the loudness of his laughter. The skin around his eyes crinkled as the sweet sound of syrup flowed through his mouth in tiny droplets of sugar and bliss.

"How are you even working for me when you don't even know what I do?" He bit down on his bottom lip, trying to mask the amusement in his question.

I huffed and pulled the clipboard towards my chest, hugging it. "Well I didn't actually apply for this job." I bent my head low thinking back to how we first met.

Darius's bushy brows raised at my statement, though he relaxed his face, perhaps realising what I had meant, his hazel eyes narrowed as he smiled.

Gosh why was he such a tease.

"Still you should know what I do, after all you applied to this company." He cocked a brow.

"I don't." I shrugged.

"You've never seen me, as in on TV?" He gestured his hands in a circular motion, I wasn't dumb.

"Well that's all really, I have seen how you're portrayed in the media and what they say about you, but I never got into what the business was about, just your name. To be honest I have never been into all those gossip type of shows."

He hummed at my reply and only nodded his head, bringing it closer to my level. He bent his head down and took one step closer, my eyes widening in surprise.

"Guess you can see me in action, then decide what it is I do." He scoffed and turned on his heels, once again leaving me baffled at his bloody teasing.

I pursed my lips and felt the strong desire to smack the back of his head with the clipboard.

"Stupid boss and his stupidness." I grumbled to myself.

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