I walked downstairs,smelling something cooking.As I made it into the kitchen,I saw Amaya making breakfast.I walked over and sat on the kitchen island,watching her cook.

I grabbed my phone and connected it to my Bluetooth speaker,playing my music.Amaya instantly started bobbing her head to the beat so I recorded it as she made us breakfast.

"Are you done recording?"She asked,turning to me.

"Yeah."I smirked,putting my phone in my pocket and turning the music off.

"Good,here you go."She placed a plate in front of me before sitting down with her own plate.

"Thanks."I smiled,starting to eat.

"See,you can be nice."She giggled,smiling at me.

"I'm not being nice...I'm just not being rude."I said,my smile fading.

"Why do you always frown or glare?What do I do to make that happen?What's so bad about being nice?"She asked,putting her fork and knife down before frowning at me.

"Nothing,nothing.Can we just eat...then go back up to your room."I said,shaking my head.

"Do I look like a dog or your child? I said that I was going to show you that you have a nice side!Stop hiding it!"She said,raising her voice a little.

"Yo!Shut up!This my house!Don't raise yo voice at me and don't you fucking dare try to make me someone dat I'm not!"I slammed my hands down on the table.

"I'm not making you someone that you're not!I'm bringing out the real you!You're just being stubborn!"She yelled,frowning.

"I have no real me.This is me.I'm this ignorant,rude,careless man.Okay?Stop trying to change that.You might think that there is another nice,sweet,cute guy side but there ain't.Why can't you just come to terms wit it?"I sighed,looking down.

"Because it's not true...let's just forget about this."She shook her head and continued to eat.

"Whateva."I shrugged and continued to eat as well.


I groaned,once again hearing screams,groans and moans from the room next to mine.I could've sworn that Christopher's room is down the hall so why is he having sex in the room next to mine?Is he trying to make me jealous,trying to annoy me,trying to get me to leave?

This has been happening for 6 hours so far and yet again,I've had nothing to eat,drink or do in that time.All the sudden,everything went silent and I heard footsteps walk to my door.It opened and Christopher stood there in boxers and a t-shirt.

"You awake?"He asked,I rolled my eyes.

"Yes and I heard everything that happened."I frowned,shaking my head.

"Ion care."He shrugged before walking out.


I walked out of Amaya's room,a new emotion rushing through my body.Guilt.All I felt was pure guilt.

I hate this.I hate having to feel all these emotions that I don't want to feel.I hate it.She's causing it.How?All these broads and not one of them has made me feel like this or even act like this.What's she doing to me.This isn't fair.

She can't just walk into my house and try to change who I am.She can't make me act like this.This isn't me.She's turning me into someone that I'm not.


Little did Christopher know,he wasn't who he thought he was.Everything he's known himself to be isn't true.He just doesn't believe it.

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