Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


My meeting with Manny went on much longer than I had anticipated and the reports from our top level staff were not encouraging.  I shouldn't have let it get to me as much as I did, my business with Manny was a fraction of my annual income, but I hated loose ends.  I hated things that I couldn't control and although I could easily cut this enterprise out of my portfolio, Manny was a long-time friend, practically family, so I wanted to help him solve this problem.

After our meeting I put a quick call in to AJ.  He was my best problem solver.  I gave him a quick run-down and he was going to do some digging and then meet me in Miami to get an action plan together.

I went downstairs to check on my boy and ran into Elena who was heading out as well to tell the girls and Finn to get ready for dinner.  When I walked down the steps and saw Natalia in Finn's arms, I have to admit that my gut churned.  I was a bit angry, I won't say that it was jealousy, I wasn't about to be jealous of a sixteen year old girl, but I'm not happy when anyone touches what's mine and I also wasn't too happy with what may or may not have been going through Finn's mind.

Finn was able to relieve me of some of my tension in the pool house and after I spoke with him briefly, I let the whole Natalia thing go as well.  He is a teenager and it's okay for him to have some fun with friends.

I even let it go when Natalia and Sofia sat on either side of him at dinner.  I sat up by Manny so we could talk some more without the rest of the other men from our meeting, but I kept my eye on my pet.  I watched the shy way he spoke to Natalia and Elena and the sweet way he spoke with little Sofia.  He too kept his eyes on me when he wasn't speaking with one of the girls, looking at me with his clear blue eyes and open face with a small smile.  I had to steel myself not to melt into my chair or go and grab him and drag him to a private room to ravage.

I managed to make it through dinner without combusting one way or another.  Either in frustration over my business with Manny or from watching the beautiful boy across the table from me without being able to touch him.

After dessert when things were winding down, Finn excused himself to use the restroom.  I was tempted to follow him, but restrained myself.

"Dinner was lovely Elena," I told her as we headed to the door.  "Manny, I'll be in touch.  Girls." I added nodding to them.  We walked down to the car.  I had sent Steele back to the boat after my meeting to oversee the supplies coming aboard, but Kevin had stayed and was standing by the car speaking with the driver. 

I instructed Kevin to ride up in the front seat with the driver.  Just as I was about to open the back door for Finn, Natalia came running out.

"Finn!  Finn, wait!" she called.  When she reached us, she handed a piece of paper to Finn, "my phone number.  Text me!"

"Ummm...I don't have my own phone," he stammered.

"Seriously?!  Nicolas, you need to get that boy a phone!" she scolded.  "My email is there too, until you get a phone you can email or facebook me."  She smiled, leaned up on her toes to give him a kiss, but at the last minute he turned his head so she got only his cheek.

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