A New Client. Part 8

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29th September 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

" Stop calling me that. I bloody well hate it." Ollie was screaming out at her uncle Gavin who was calling her by her legal name. A name she has had since she was seven after Danny's parents pleaded with me to name her that even though her father hadn't said anything about it to anyone.

Olliandriah Orphelia Osmann Cowen. Legally, she has her fathers last name after her grandparents pleaded with me to allow their oldest and first grandchild to carry their name. They didn't need to have Danny's permission to have it added to her last name since it was theirs to give.

But having talked to the young Ollie at the time about it had her shrugging her shoulders at me with a 'I don't care' attitude. So, talking about it with Nan, I gave in to the older Cowens pleas and added their name to Ollie's. It wasn't until lately that she got all antsy about it when she knows that her father was not the one to give it to her in the first place.

In fact, she found out through Gavin a few days ago after hearing Nolan talking about it with his sister one day that their father never wanted Ollie to have his name. So of course, that pissed her right off about the whole situation.

" I am quite happy with just having the Osmann name attached to me and not that other thing. Who wants to be associated with that little tart, Alyssa Cowen." She screamed out one day when we were in one of the shopping centre's after having a brief run in again with the nasty little girl in question.

But watching the twenty two year old throw a hissy fit like this one when Gavin started teasing her and using her full name as well, was both very amusing and also very annoying. The two of them got on very well with each other as they should with Gaving spending so much time up at the farm with us every chance he could get. 

So, the two younger ones got to spend a lot of time together around the place as they tended to the chores.

" But it is your name, squirt." Gavin yelled back at her after she started chasing him around our parents back yard the day before we were going home back out into the country.

" Let them be. They can sort it out on their own. They have been doing it for years and will probably be doing it for years to come." Mum said from beside me as we sat together on a couple of wicker chairs outside on the back verandah that looks out across the few acres on the back yard which sloped down to the overhang overlooking Echo Point.

I found it somewhat unsettling when I found out that mum and dad were going to have another baby not long after I had their first grandchild. To say that they were also embarrassed about it as well was also somewhat unsettling. But we all got used to it. 

It was also the reason why mum and dad didn't come up and see Ollie when she was born.

But it didn't stop me and Nan from travelling down into the city to see them when I was cleared for travelling. It was such a long time ago when that all happened.

Anyway, I liked this new house of theirs. It is a very beautiful and secluded area with not many people who come this far with their vehicles. Most of the area at this point is accessible only by foot or bicycle. Their older federation completely renovated and restored four bedroom house looked really lovely as it was set among the tall trees fivehundred yards up from the waterfront.

Anyway, we just watched the younger ones carry on as they chased each other.

" I suppose that you will be going back to the farm tomorrow like you planned?" Mum was asking me as she sipped her iced water.

" Yeah. I have a few things to do before attending to a couple of clients. Plus I have a potentially new client who is interviewing me during the week. The company isn't an extremely large one. But they are on the upside of becoming popular which started out on the other side of the country and are now branching out here after moving across the country in the hopes of expanding into the larger global market. 

Or so they told me when I responded to their advertisement." I said to mum with a smile between sips of my own iced tea drink I was presently holding before continuing to tell mum what I knew of them.

"They have a lot of potential and they are looking for a local accountant to do the books for them. I'm not a very big accountancy company and from what I gather, someone like me is what they are looking for. But they will only travel up to the other Echo Point at Katoomba for the meeting. Which suits me fine." I said to her as I sat my cool glass back down on the table in front of us.

I sat back on my seat and thought about the new company that I was being interviewed in being a part of.

Jeremiah, or Rem as he is often called, Charters along with his younger brother Jarryd are the heads of the company I was having the interview with in a few days. The two brothers looking very much alike  with their being both of the same height just about. They were both dark blonde with bright blue eyes that looked deeply at you as if discovering all your secrets and I won't even go on to mention the secretive looking smiles they have. 

They could be described as twins despite a dozen years between them looked like they were the type to take no prisoners when going head to head when bidding on business contracts.

They were a newer Environmental Engineer company just called E.E. Charters. From the little that I have looked into about them, their credibility is above reproach and they are respected very well by others and past clients in their field. They got their start, or rather, Jeremiah got his start from another well known Environmental Engineering company that is based out of The Territory. One that was started by a man called Daniel Thoms.

I have heard of him and his company and it's partner company based out of Oregon in The States. One that was run by Daniel Thoms son, Micah.

In fact, the whole family is very well known. I even know of one of them, Jemma who I did Uni with. But that's another story. But my thinking is that if this Jeremiah Charters is anything like the Thoms men, then I have no worries as to the type of men they are where personal and business is concerned.

I'm looking forward to meeting the person who is going to be conducting the interview. I hope that they also think I am worthy enough of having me associating with them even if it is just business.

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