Chapter 31

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I sat in a wooden chair my legs bouncing with anticipation. I had already wore a pat into the floor from my pacing. Malik gently set his hand on my knee trying to calm me and keep my knee from bouncing do much. I looked over at him and he didn't have to say anything I knew what he meant.

I turned back to the door to the medical wing. I have been sitting here with for hours. Every now and then a someone would come out and update me on how hes doing. They took him into surgery. His back still hadn't stopped bleeding so they took him into the OR. I stood again and continued to pace. Malik just sat there and watched me his arms folded across his broad chest.

My mind whirled and I kept crossing to the door and turning then back to the chair. Back and forth back and forth. I was like a shell I just keep repeating the same thing one time after another.

"Evelyn. Stop. Your going to wear a hole into the floor if you keep pacing." he said.

"No I won't!" I said putting my hands on my hips and turning to him.

He just raised a brow at me unconcerningly.

"He will be fine you need to relax."

"How the fuck do you know? Your not a doctor!" I spat.

"No I'm not but my mate is and they are currently working on Alpha."

"What did they say? Is he going to be ok? Whats going on? Are they done?" I asked stepping towards him.

"They are closing him up now. He will still be out for a few hours." He said.

"Can I go see him?"

"Not till he wakes up. He needs to rest and you being there might wake him up to early."

"He is my mate. I want to see him as soon as he is out of sugrey."

"No." Malik said standing. His large form towered over mine and I had to take a step back so I could look him in the eyes.

"What the hell do you mean no? I am your Alpha I will go into see him as soon as he is done with surgery." I growled at him.

"No you won't. Alpha or not your not going in there till the doctors give you the all clear."

"And who the fucking hell is going to stop me. As your Alpha you have to listen to me." I said with a snarl my anger starting to come out.

"Evelyn if you go in there early and wake him up you could seriously hurt him. He needs time to heal. Please just relax it's going to be ok." Malik said setting his large hand on my shoulder.

I felt tears prick up in my eyes and and jumped at him. Wrapping my arms around his large chest I cried into his stomach. He froze for a moment seeming to be unsure of what to do. They slowly he pulled his arms around me and awkwardly patted my back as I soaked his shirt.

A few minutes later when I had calmed down a bit I pulled away from him. I looked down at his shirt that now had a tear stain on the center.

"I'm sorry I messed up your shirt." I said looking down.

"It's ok I'll just get one from Dylan." He replied.

I just nodded and took my seat again leaning my head against the wall waiting for news on my mate.


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