Week 7

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She turned 18 months old this week! In a bit of a growth spurt too!
We went back to the round pen for the first time in awhile to have a full length session this week. We have been just having small sessions in the pasture as its a more open space. I did introduce something new this week and that is hindquarter yields. Its pretty basic right now and she isn't very skilled at it yet but she picked it up really quickly and bet it will only get better from here. This is one of the most intelligent willing horses I've worked with and find myself really enjoying her sessions. She now knows backing to a wiggle of the rope, working on backing off halter pressure, laterally flexes like a dream, lunging improving. She round pens super well, gets on and off the tire, picks up her feet, and is really understanding the basics of being an equine citizen.

We did have a full session in the round pen.  We started off actually round penning which the first turn I asked for she turned her butt into me but I put some pressure on her and she went back to turning in. I then brought her into me and had her walk with me at liberty with me on both sides. She really struggled when I walked on her right side but I took it slow and even though she was unsure did really well with it.

It is SO important to do things on both sides of a horse so they aren't so used to just one side and have no idea what happens when things are going on on their off side.

After that we played around with singing ropes and I played the helicopter game with her where I swing the string of the carrot stick in circles over her head. I then backed her up and asked her to move off. We are working on fluid direction changes when she is lunging as well as just relaxing. Her hindquarter disengagement when she stops needs work but I'm not really concerned as we have tons of time. Spent a little bit of time flexing her and it always amazes me how soft she is. Pepper and I are working on his flexing and I really have to pull him because he is so stiff.

Probably the biggest thing that happened this week was I sat on her! I got on the fence in my round pen and was rubbing her and putting my leg on her and just slid on. I stayed for about 5 second just to see what she would do and she was literally perfect she didn't move and it really didn't seem to bother her at all. I obviously won't be making a habit out of this but I'm very very proud of her.

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