When everything seems near perfection, you have to tip the scale and ruin it. It’s not like everything was perfect for me though. I had lost Landon to a witchy siren, I’m stuck in Hell with a cloaked man, my dreams are of a princess that Julian has feelings for. Sure, on the bright side, I managed to trap Julian but he has the perfect excuse to be set free.

       My dearest father wished to meet me. What if he’s just saying it out of desperation? What if there’s no father in the page? What if What if What if.

      Couldn’t Julian just disappear and reappear beside me? Just like he did in the time when I had him in my hands choking him. Maybe he can’t use his powers in Hell, if so that would be stupid or the coffin is the one not allowing him to do so, I tried to use my astral and failed. 

     Who is my father anyway? Elizabeth said he’s the one of the most powerful creatures, so if he resides in hell, he must be a demon of some sort. I remembered Jason telling me he’s a demon, a minor demon like him with such strong powers. It wasn’t hard to imagine what the powerful demon could have to create his very own species with Cecile.

     Managed to ask myself a load of questions, came up with no answers. “Audrey!” Julian continued yelling. I jumped having been tuning the obnoxious screaming for a while. “Let me out, you—“

     Tuned him out again, went to the desk, and sat on the chair that’s far enough from the coffin’s banging needing to dwell some more. Is it fair? Nothing in life is fair, the supernatural only emphasizes my words. I grabbed one of the blank papers on the floor, rummaged the drawers for a pen and began my old list.

-          Find out what the spheres are and do.

-          Destroy Julian but not before figuring out what he wants exactly.

-          Assemble friends, and figure out the evil aura around them.

-          Discover the traits of a vampire.

    Again, not my best list but it cleared my mind. I tapped the pen on the desk nervously, unsure of anything anymore. It seemed eons ago that I was bantering with that old lady, how I killed that man to avenge his victim, meeting my Wildmasters friends, the maze that afford afterwards a friendship with Jason, Zorya pushing me through that cellar, Eilith and Vienna.


I quickly jotted down a new goal.

-          Save Landon.  

Don’t know if it’s just me, but I had a doubt I could do any of those things on the list.

      The coat rack caught my eye, dozens of red cloaks hanged among it. Perfect. I grinned and ran over and started clothing myself with all the cloaks until I was drowning in red. Immediately I started sweating, but I paid no attention since the warmth was intense enough to drown the cold outside of the office room

     “Shame, Shame Julian.” I sang, fixing my sleeves and hood securely. I fiddled with the sleeves some more until they covered my hands like an open glove. Made my way to the ice door and took deep breaths until I was calm enough to touch the knob.

     Considering was ice around it, the knob turned smoothly. I shivered even in my cloaks at the wind of wintering ice entering the room past me. Jutting my jaw, I forced myself out of the office room, jumping when the door closed behind me successfully cutting Julian’s screams.

      I bundled myself tightly, and when I looked up from the crystal ground that reflected different creatures swimming below me not caring for who stood above them, I felt my jaw drop. I was in a vast room with small office cubicles and grey uniforms behind them, bending over their work unaffected by the blizzard happening that kept blowing some of their papers away.

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