Mall day part 2

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I opened the door to no one but my mother on the couch.
" hey mom." I said glumly, as I thought
"Hey sweetheart. Can we talk?" She asked. Oh great what did Mason tell her. I swear they always want me in trouble.
"Sure." I replied, and I sat down next to her.
"So all of your siblings are in their rooms even Hannah and Mason. They told me what happened today." She started to say. Oh no, here we go goodbye phone see you in two weeks.
" and I'm very proud of you!" I looked up at her in shock, she was smiling big.
" you are?" I asked her surprised. I mean I did not expect this from her.
" Yes! I was beginning to think you were lesbian! These stupid boys and their protectiveness of you." She exclaimed, as she rolled her eyes. I was so shocked to hear that. My own mother almost thought that, I'm going to kill them.
" I have no words." I spoke still surprised at what she said.
"They are only trying to protect you sweetheart." My mom said while putting a hand on my shoulder. I took a sharp breath in.
" I know but it gets annoying, and these boys are really nice, and even Alyssa is friends with them!" I exclaimed, starting to get myself worked up again.
"First of all calm down." I took a deep breath as she continued. " I've made a decision that you can hang out with them-" she was curt of by me jumping and giving her a hug while saying thank you too many times to count.
"I want to meet them though, How about you invite them all over and Alyssa, you guys can do a mini pool party!" She clapped her hands after telling me her idea. This would be so cool! But my mind couldn't help but drift off to thinking about my siblings. They would scare them away, I'm surprised I still have people taking to me. It seemed like mom read my mind.
" I will have it on a day where all you siblings are busy." She stated. I smiled and hugged her one more time.
"Alright, now move along I have things to do and places to be." My mom tried to be stern but couldn't help but smile.
" love you mommy!" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. Yes I just called my mom mommy, and yes I'm 15. What?! I don't care what anyone thinks about that.
" Love you too baby." I ran upstairs to my room. I decided to start texting all my new friends. I think I'm going to put them in a group chat.
Me-hey guys this is lexi if you didn't know 😜 My mom wants to meet all of you, well except Alyssa 😅 Any way would you guys want to come over this week for a pool party at my house?🔥
Andrew- of course lexi! Can't wait! We can all talk more about it at school?
Carson- I'm so down!!! And bored right now 🤧😂
Sean- Heck yeah!!! It's gonna be lit!🔥 oh and Carson I'm bored too!😞
CJ- you both need to get a life 🙄 and Lexi I'm up for a pool party!😊
MY BEST FRIEND- Pooooolllll partyyyyyy!!! You know I'm always down Lex 😘💕💕💕 And I'm bored too guys!!! 😩😩😩😩 want to go to the mall!?
Carson- That's a lot of emojis girl 😂 and I would love to do anything then just sit here. I'm free.
Me- Alyssa we just went to the mall!!!😫
MY BEST FRIEND- that was like 3 weeks ago!😑 I love emojis!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Andrew- I think we can all tell. 😂 I'm cool with going to the mall.
CJ- You all need to learn to not blow people's phones up! 😑😒 Oh and I'll go to the mall with you guys.
Me- 😂😂😂 I'll ask my mom!😊
MY BEST FRIEND- hurry up girl the shoessss are calling me!😩👠👡💸
I ran down the stairs into the kitchen. First I grabbed a glass of water and looked at the time. Wow it was almost 4, we all talked for a while. As I was drinking my water, mom came in.
" hey mom! Can I go to the mall with Alyssa and my new friends." I pleaded. She looked like she was in deep thought before answering.
" sure, but be back around 8:40." She sternly told me. I gave her a hug and said thank you. I then cheerfully danced and skipped. To my hallway when I ran into a "wall", and fell to the floor.
"Hey, u okay?" The "wall" ended up being josh. I shot right up, said a quick yes and ran to my room. I decided to
Text them all back.
Me- hey guys I can go!!! Alyssa pick me up at 4:30.
And with that I got ready knowing that Alyssa will be here on time.
Let's see let's start with the out fit. I ran to my walk-in-closet and grabbed an outfit. I also picked s matching purse and lit my money and credit card in it.

Next was my hair which I just let be free and ran the flatiron through it s couple times

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Next was my hair which I just let be free and ran the flatiron through it s couple times. For my makeup I did one of my favorite styles.

I ran down the stairs, It was 4:25

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I ran down the stairs, It was 4:25. I said a quick goodbye to my mom thankfully none of my siblings were in the kitchen. I threw on my shoes and Alyssa pulled up at 4:30 right on the dot. She drove away and we listened to Eminem the entire way there. As we pulled in some jerk took our spot I glared at the car. The jerk just so happens to be the guys and they couldn't stop laughing. Alyssa shook her head in amusement before pulling in to a different spot.( Alyssa has an early birthday so she turns 16 before anyone.)  We jumped out of the car and made our way to the entrance where they all waited.
"Hey guys!" I said with a smile. They all smiled back at me.
"Let's get this shopping spree going!" Alyssa yelled running down the store with al of us to chase her. This was going to be fun I thought.
****3 hours later************
3 hours. 3 long freaking hours of watching Alyssa shop. Sure I got some stuff, but she literally had 15 bags. It took all of us to practically beg her to let us eat at the food court.
I was in line for Panda Express with Andrew and Carson. The rest of the group were getting Sabaros pizza.
We met in the middle and ate and talked.
" Milk comes from a cow!" Alyssa shouted at Carson.
" No it comes from a pig!" He shouted back at her, hey have been fighting like a married couple the entire time.
" just, never mind forget it." Alyssa told him finally.
"Alright guys we should get going." I told them, it was 8:20. And I knew my mom would never let me do this again if I didn't come home in time.
" Yeah, I had fun with you guys though! We should do this again sometime!" Sean told us with a grin on his face.
"Yes we should!" Alyssa hollered making us all laugh. We gave them all hugs, said goodbye, and went our different ways. Me and Alyssa got home around 8:35. I told her goodbye and ran into the house. I as soon as I shut the door I turned round to see all of my family in the couch in front of me. They all looked sad even though the boys were full of anger from mom letting me go to the mall with boys.
" I am not late it's 8:37!" I exclaimed. Everyone stayed silent.
" What's wrong?" I asked curiously. The truth is I am very worried and I knew they all knew that because their eyes all softened as they all looked at me.  Mom finally spoke up.
" Sweetheart it's your dad." She replied with soft tears.
" What about him he's right there?" I asked confused pointing to my dad  behind all of them crying silently.
" Honey, he just got a call from the military. He's going back."
Hope you all like it! I am trying my best to update more!💕❤️

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