The Wanted Imagines

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(you'r e sat in a restaurant waiting for your date to show up)

??: are you alone?

You: yeah i am,who's asking?

(Nathanwalks round the corner)

You: you-your Nathan Sykes!

Nathan : yeah i am:) what are you doing here alone? a stunning young girl like you..

You: *blush*im not stunning..and,i think i've been stood up:(

Nathan : yes you are! how about i treat you to dinner then?

*he sits down opposite you*

You: are you sure about this Nathan ?

Nathan : about what babe?

You: buying me dinner..

Nathan : of course i'm sure!

You: thankyou!

*you get talking and eat your dinner,the bill comes*..

You: babe,let me give you some money,i did eat half of it..

Nathan : no,i will not let you pay!

*Nathan pays for it all*

You: thankyou for a lovely meal Nathan !

Nathan : your welcome babe..

*he leans in and kisses you*

Nathan : text me sometime?

*he writes his number on the back of your hand,and writes Nathan x'