3 - Sam

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Brooklyn, New York 6:35 a.m.

The fog disappeared overnight, and the morning came with the sun shining brightly into my bedroom. I sat on the edge of my mattress and stared at the floor. My alarm clock went off five minutes ago, but I still had plenty of time to get to school. This morning I needed a little longer than usual to wake up. 

Last night’s dreams were still playing vividly in my head, and I wanted nothing more than for them to be gone. It was the third night in a row that I had strange dreams, but they were only strange because they were more real than I could ever have imagined.

My cell phone vibrated against the wood of my nightstand, and I reached over and grabbed it. There was a text from Nella, my childhood friend, and basically only friend, from where we used to live. I still got to see her at school, but it seemed different now that there was more distance between us. In more ways than one. 

I opened her text. 

Meet me after school and let’s go to the cafe. We haven’t gone in forever. 

It was true. Ever since we both started school, I hadn’t seen much of her. And that was just pathetic since we went to the same school. I quickly texted her back and told her it was a go. I rarely did anything after school, not to mention when I was out of school, but Nella was the one person I never minded hanging out with. We were both similar in our lame ways, and I was pretty sure that was the reason we were friends. 

I checked my watch, and since I was still good on time, I pulled my laptop from under my bed and got comfortable laying on my stomach. The old Macbook came to life slowly. I waited patiently, drumming my fingers on the edge. The laptop finally lit up and the first thing I did was start up Skype. There was only one person on my contact list, and that was my older brother, Logan. 

A smile touched my lips when I saw that he was on. I clicked the call button waiting for his face to appear on the screen, and it finally did. I hadn’t seen him in person since summer but he hadn’t changed much, though it seemed like he needed to shave. 

“Hey, Sam.” He smiled and ran his hand through his hair like he had just gotten up. It was just as dark as mine but shorter. The rest of his room was dimly lit up behind him, and I saw his messy bed in the corner. 

“Hey, sorry I haven’t been on in a while.”

“That’s what happens when you become a senior. It’s even worse when you’re in college, trust me.” He grinned. “How’s that going by the way? School, I mean, is it as horrible as always?”

“Well, I wouldn’t use the word horrible, but close enough. Will you be here for Thanksgiving?” 

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it,” he said, pulling on a T-shirt. “If not, it’ll be Christmas for sure.” 

“Well, I think plane tickets are kinda cheap right now.”

Logan smiled and shook his head. “Getting there isn’t a problem, Sam.”

“How is getting here not a problem?” I narrowed my eyes. “What are you going to do, walk? You are off school that week right?”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll get there. It just depends if I get bombarded with homework the week before.”

I sighed. “Okay.” 

Logan stared at me through the screen. “Are you doing alright these days?”

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